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D.G. Yuengling and Son- Yuengling American Lager

D.G. Yuengling and Son- Yuengling American Lager

Yuengling isn’t particularly amazing, but it is.  It’s not particularly flavorful, but it is.  It’s not particularly easy to drink, but really it is.  You see, Yuengling is the beer of the midwest.  Anytime anyone from the region spies a can they’re sent to a place of nostalgia and awe.  It’s kinda like seeing your childhood stuffed animal or blankey for the first time in many years, but in alcoholic liquid form.

Yuengling could be best described as one step above your Budweisers and Coors in terms of actual taste, but it gets a boost street cred wise, due to it’s limited availability and nostalgia factor.  However by your 4th or 5th sampling in one sitting one may begin to notice certain previously unaccounted factors that weren’t taken into consideration.  Like the fact that it’s the oldest active brewery in America, or that there are awesome gold stars on it’s can, or that there’s a patriotic freaking bald eagle with a keg and that this is Amurrrcuh’s beer, or that this does taste delicious and “sober you” is just a pretentious moron.  Then again, other scenarios could arise.  Nevertheless, Yuengling is a fine option for summer beach vacations, grilling out by the pool or just relaxing after a hard day.  Cuz for us hard working blue collar midwesterners, some times bud, miller or coors just won’t cut it, and all that other stuff is just to dang expensive.

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