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Roundtable Discussion: Halloween Costumes Edition

Roundtable Discussion: Halloween Costumes Edition

Halloween is just under a week away so we asked our writers what their favorite halloween memories were.  What resulted was an in depth trip down memory lane consisting of costumes and candy grabbing blunders.  What were your favorite Halloween costumes/memories growing up?  Comment below!


– My dad and his friend Eric would set up a haunted house in our two-car garage for the trick-or-treaters. They’re both graphic designers, so they knew what they were doing. You would walk in the right garage door, do a semi-circle, and come out the left garage door where you would get your candy. They would dress up in scary costumes, and one of them even carried a chainsaw. I wish I could describe it better, but let’s just say one of my mom’s co-workers, a full-grown woman, got so scared she fell flat on her ass. I think it was when Eric’s son Michael stuck his hand up through the candy dish as she was reaching for a piece.  Unfortunately, someone egged our house one year while it was going on, and that was the last time we ever did it.


– One year when I was about 10, I went Trick-or-Treating as a beaten-up Cincinnati Bengals player (they were terrible that year, so the joke was that I had a black eye, band-aids all over, my arm in a sling, etc). That night, I got separated from my friends and got totally lost in my neighborhood. Trick-or-Treating was pretty much over, but I decided I just needed to knock on a door and ask to use someone’s phone to call my parents and have them pick me up. When the lady answered the door, I was in tears. She thought I was in character as the crappy Bengal.  She was the only person all night who got the joke of my costume, and I wasn’t even crying on purpose.


– My dad used to manage a Fazoli’s, so true to my continued trend of apathy towards Halloween, I requested to wear the Fazoli’s tomato mascot costume for what seemed like 5 years.  I learned early on that you got candy no matter the level of creativity exerted into costuming.


– This may be a CSU exclusive, but I imagine they have the same type of person on most college campuses so I hope you get the drift. One year in college I dressed up as the fella on campus who would always stand in the middle of the plaza with a bible and scream at all the students walking by headed to class. According to him we were all, of course, heathens in need to repent. My costume consisted of a wearable cardboard sign that read: “It’s OK to sin if it = a win” on the front, and something equally as off putting but can’t for the life of me remember what it was on the back, and a bible. Easy costume, great audience response, and like all good Halloween costumes for adults, completely explained away all my drunken debauchery (mostly lots of yelling and random goofiness).


– When I was 12 I was able to trick-or-treat by myself for the first time. My friends and I decided to try to hit every house in two neighborhoods, so it was a 2 hour sprint. For “energy boosts” we would eat some of the candy while waiting for people to answer the door, naturally creating the jitters ala a sugar rush. This made it much more relieving to knock on doors than to push door bells.

Well, I knocked on a glass door towards the end of the night and the woman, an elderly lady, was furious I put my fingerprints on her glass. After yelling at me for being “irresponsible” and “disrespectful”, she made me clean her front door. Spent the rest of my night with Windex and paper towels, because she was a no-streaks dictator and I couldn’t leave until the door was streak-free. The kicker? I dressed up as a janitor that Halloween.


– My favorite Halloweens were actually when older after trick or treating. My friend Eric with the help of his parents would engineer the most scare inducing items we could think of in the front yard and from their balcony above the garage. From the flame sitting gargoyle to the screeching red eye’d bats we rigged to dive bomb kids on zip lines from the balcony to the arm made from a prosthetic that would reach out and grab the ankles of kids reaching for candy. We engineered the scariest house in the neighborhood. We considered the night a success if we scared someone much that they decided it wasn’t worth it for the candy. For the brave souls that put up with our shenanigans, full sized candy bars were the reward.


– My junior year of college, I decided to be Lindsay Bluthe from Arrested Development, complete with my very own handmade red ‘Slut’ tank top. I was at this party with my friend Pac, who was a banana stand worker. A really drunk fellow came up to Pac and was complementing him on his costume and saying how much he loved the show. On and on he went about Pac’s costume. I was kind of waiting my turn for the compliments on my outfit, when he turned to me and in all seriousness said, “What are you supposed to be? A slut? That’s stupid.”  And then he walked away. I was flabbergasted. Pac was hysterical laughing. The end.


– My mom used to make all of our costumes, and 1 year, my brother was a Skittles bag. While I was leaving for college, I found the Skittles bag and wore it to every Halloween party in college and a few after. I think my sister then stole it from me when she went off to college. That was a killer costume, plus it was made out of some water resistant fabric so beer spillage was never an issue.

Katie C

– I have two. When I was little I was a giant eagle. I made the costume out of giant eagle paper bags (a grocery store in north eastern ohio). It was cooler than it sounds. Three years ago I was a pair of guys jeans with my roommate. We bought a pair of jeans from the big and tall section at sears and we each were able to fit inside one leg of the jeans. (I’m small. I’m 5 ft and asian) I attached the jeans costume just to show you how large some people actually are.


– Vic…  Did your sister happen to go to KU? I have a friend that has worn a Skittles costume to every Halloween and crazy themed party we’ve ever attended. So much so her nickname is “Skittles” and in the ultimate frisbee community, a nickname IS your real name. (Tristan back me up on this). So, i may have found your long lost costume!…or at least your soul mate. Unfortunately the costume is now in dress form and fits women tighter than Katie’s left pant leg, but is still water repellent as hell so if you’re into tight fitting costumes…

Chris K

– When I was a kid, I wore a Pirate costume for 5 years straight and stole candy as my “bounty” – it was a transitional period for me. Please don’t judge.


– At CU there were these kids that dressed up as fruit of the loom every year. One person for each fruit and the last guy just wore white briefs.

Constable Will

– Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays as a kid. I grew up in the mountains where our closest neighbor was 1mi away so we would always go down to Denver. When I was four I dressed as a California Raisin. This was the best costume ever minus I couldn’t see a damn thing. I remember trying to run as fast as I could to get to the next house to fill my sugar need. As I was running I took a huge digger into a bush as raisins must be blind. Feet straight up in the air. My dad came and pulled me out and we cut the biggest holes in the eyes and continued on our candy quest.


– My Birthday is October 27, so Halloween was great for me growing up. In Wisconsin, the teachers have conferences that make for a long weekend, so it would often be a weekend of birthday parties, trick-or-treating, and sugar stomach aches.
One year I had my mom make a costume for my favorite tv character: Dot from Animaniacs. Now, the animaniacs aren’t really animals, they’re just cartoon things. No one knew who I was, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t even notice.


-The weather in Illinois would always be terrible on Halloween, so I’d have to wear my zombie or Dracula costume under my Bulls Starter jacket. Also, I remember all of the adults were genuinely freaked out by the “Homey the Clown” legend – I’m not joking, this was a real thing. There were rumors of a guy dressed as Homey walking around local neighborhoods and attempting to abduct kids, so we were basically forced inside before dark. Fun times.

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