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Beerstagrams 3/1- 3/8

Beerstagrams 3/1- 3/8
Lizzie Bourque

Chances are if you’re reading this you’re not one of the thousands of Miami students headed down to Panama in a packed Jeep for Spring Break, head still thumping from alcohol withdrawl after the most epic day of the year. For anyone who doesn’t know about Green Beer Day, don’t worry- Tristan wrote a story about it so you can educate yourself on this amazing tradition. Several of us here at are Miami Alums, and may have confused our co-workers yesterday when we arrived to work wearing a green t-shirt from 2007 and shouting “IT’S GBD!!!!!!!” Luckily, I worked at the same company last year so they knew what to expect. But for us graduates of the official work-hard-play-hard school (it’s in the recruitment video, no joke), GBD in the real world is really about finding ways to connect back with fellow Miami grads and have a few moments of nostalgia. So even if you aren’t headed to a beach for a week off of work, at least take your weekend to celebrate the good things in life:  good traditions, good friends, and of course- good beer.

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