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April Fools Beer Pranks

april fools stoop
Jake Metzler

The Quest for the Perfect Beer Prank

Jake Metzler is a homebrewing fanatic who loves to write and share his knowledge with others. When he’s not brewing, you can probably find him rock climbing and/or listening to eighties metal.

With April Fools coming just around the corner, I’ve been thinking about pranks that I could pull on my friends. I’m not much of a prankster, as I feel that tricks can quickly turn malicious, and the ones that don’t are often pretty dumb.

But if I could find a few classy tricks to pull on my buddies, I thought I could make it a fun April Fool’s Day. Plus, my friends wouldn’t suspect any shenanigans from me, since I usually avoid this type of thing.

I figured that any pranks would need to be in a familiar setting, so as to minimize suspicion. This meant that most likely beer would be involved. That’s what we do. We all get together, drink a bit, and talk about sports, pop culture, and occasionally our lives.

So I did what any novice would do; I looked up “beer pranks” online. The results were…. interesting.

Everyone knows about hitting your buddy’s beer just right so that it overflows. I think this is kind of a college party trick and has lost its appeal as I’ve aged. Also, it’s just a waste of beer. I was looking for something a bit more involved.

So I started brainstorming and here’s what I’ve come up with:

The Fakeout

There are a couple of pretty cheap prank packets out there with a mixture to stir into water to make it look and smell like beer. I think it could be interesting to hand a friend a bottle of the concoction as I take a drink of my own beer, proclaiming how good it is. Will they spit it out? Or will they try to pretend that it tastes good? I make my own beer, so I have plenty of unmarked bottles lying around and no one would question me handing them one.

The Placebo

I have a couple of buddies who always seem to indulge a bit too much. Are they really getting that drunk or is it all in their head? Or are they just pretending in order to put on a show? Providing the guys with non-alcoholic beer and seeing what ensued could be pretty hilarious. It could also just lead to them complaining about how my beer sucks. But then I could end the joke and pull out the good stuff.


If you’re going to a buddy’s house and taking beer, then a good trick is to fill a beer box with something really heavy, and tell a friend that if they carry it in the house, they get the first one. First they’ll wonder how the heck beer can be so heavy. Then they’ll have a moment of disappointment (then hopefully laughter) when they open the box to see rocks, or bottles of soda, or something equally not booze. Just be sure to have a beer ready for them; they earned it!

Self-Esteem Hit

My not-so-fruitful internet search did reveal a couple gems, including a video of a woman buying a guy a beer, then spotting someone else more attractive and sending it to them instead. This would be great to orchestrate at a bar, and even better to get on camera.

So those are my ideas. Do you have any great beer pranks? I know there’s the classic “Dumb and Dumber” scene with beer bottles full of urine, but I wanted to keep it more light heated and less disgusting. I also wanted to avoid pranks that resulted in alcohol exploding, not only to avoid “alcohol abuse” but also because I didn’t want to clean up the mess later.

So what are your favorite April fool’s Pranks?


  1. Phil

    The Houdini
    Suggest a chugging contest with bottles and provide bottles of something light, maybe a wheat beer. Be sure the beer comes in brown bottles. Dump one of them out and carefully refill the bottle with an entirely different beer. Preferably one that is almost certainly unchuggable, ie Avery Beast. Target a friend and give the Houdini bottle to him/her. Have a trash can at the ready.

    • Jake Metzler

      Great prank! The list goes on and on… and yet they never get old!

  2. David J.

    Take an empty beer bottle and fill it with water and put the cap back on and put it back in the fridge with all the other beers.

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