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Roundtable Discussion: What do you love about America?

Roundtable Discussion: What do you love about America?

For this week’s Roundtable Discussion and in honor of the 4th of July Thursday, I asked the PorchDrinking staffers ‘What do you love about America?’ Many have a penchant for meats (of any kind), other food items and Big Bird. Do you agree with their answers?

Cory – “Rock and roll, The Internet, pop-up coffee shops, sushi, taco bell, Liberty and freedom, craft beer and bourbon. ”

Liz – “Fried Chicken & Macaroni and cheese. Done. ”

Drew – “I love that Amurricuh has the NFL, MLB, and Mickey D’z.”

Erin – “You love America for Sushi, Cory?? As you wish. Bourbon, Craft Beer, Bottomless Mimosa Brunches, NCAA Men’s Basketball (sorry ladies!), TJMaxx, Costco (buying in bulk is just sensible).”

Phil – “Bourbon, NASCAR, buffalo wings, bluegrass music.”

Drew – “Oooooh. Buffalo wings. That’s the stuff.”


Phil – “also, SMOKED MEATS and BBQ.”

Vic – “True Southern Fried Chicken, Truck nutz, dirt track racing, real country music(Merle, Willie, Johnny, etc), guns, cowboy hats, drive-ins, dive bars, drive thru liquor stores, & hot dogs.”

Tristan – “Grillin out, shirtless sundays, golden corral, fried oreos, fried cheese, fried mac n cheese, turducken, doughnut burgers, chocolate dipped bacon, cowboys, Fast and Furious the series, Vin Diesel, Dewayne the Rock Johnson, tv shows about pawn shops, tv shows about duck calls, bobby flay, NOT Paula Deen, dogs, NOT Cats, corn hole, corn on the cob, the term can of corn in baseball, corn dogs, baby corn, corn flakes, NOT Korn, Miley Cyrus for those six months after party in the USA and again for three weeks when Obama got Osama, Bruce Springsteen for life, Toby Keith for life, take out chinese food, cold pizza, Svedka bottles, craft beer, 21st amendment brewing, wiffle ball, blowing shit up, killing DOMA, power hours, Thanksgiving, Amurrrcuhhh Day.”

Caitlin – “I live with an Australian fellow and talking about children’s television with him is insane. The list of shows they didn’t have is long and upsetting so I won’t ruin your life with it. But I will say that he wasn’t allowed to watch Sesame Street as a child because it would teach him to pronounce things in an American accent.  So I guess I love America because Big Bird is American too.”

Nate – “I love that you can be pissed off at America and say it and not be killed. Huzzah!”

Vic – “Also I enjoy that Civil War reenactments are still a thing. For the anniversary party next year, can we do one?”

Drew – “…But we all portray Union soldiers?”

Laura – “Two words: peanut butter”

Erin – “+1 Laura!”


  1. Wood

    I love the fact that, only in America could a movie like “Team America” make it big. ‘MERICA!!!

  2. Drew Troller

    To Nate’s comment…. Not if you’re Edward Snowden.

  3. I’m spending the 4th in Chicago and we just found a steal of a deal at Tiny Lounge: 1/4 lb burger with fries, a half pint of BBK (a German pilsner) AND a bloody . . . for $12. I love America.

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