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Roundtable Discussion | Best Place You’ve Enjoyed a Beer

Photo Cred: hereinbruges on Reddit
Amber Dunlap

This week the PorchDrinking team took a walk down memory lane to reminisce on some of the best places they’ve enjoyed a beer. From family beach vacations to hole-in-the-wall bars in foreign lands, what seemed to make the moment in almost all cases wasn’t the quality of the beer in hand but the people they were drinking with and the new experiences they were sharing with them. We’ll cheers to that! Share your best beer moment in the comments below.

Stacey Goers

I don’t know if it is THE best, but I love Nats Park. A beer and baseball on a weekend afternoon.

Danny King

There was a bar a little ways up from the castle in Prague that overlooked Petrin Hill and has a fully retractable roof. Super pretty but I only went twice cause it was hard to find ; the entrance was in an alley and didn’t have much of a marker/sign.

Justin Vicroy

It has to be on the beach in the Outer Banks during my 1st real adult-age vacation. Couldn’t sleep 1 night, so I took an ice cold 6pk of Yuengling lager to the beach. Drank it while watching the sunrise.

Andrew Troller

Justin, your answer takes me back to all the family vacations I’ve spent in the Outer Banks. And as I get older, beer is actually now part of that tradition. Great choice

Niel Stender

We went white water rafting for my bachelor party. We drank some shitty beer but it was a really great time.

Kyle Buchanan

I was at a small farmers market in Vienna Austria on a b-e-a-utiful day and had a pint of bio-bier !! Great day indeed

Tristan Chan

I love beer most when its shared with great friends so I think back to this summer’s PorchDrinking Anniversary Party where it was such a tremendous gathering of people, insane beers, phenomenal weather, great venue in Corkscrews and an all around amazing day. Also, this weekend’s Vail Big Beers was also a gem, beers at a world class resort, at a world class event, with a world class crew.

Scott Hoffman

First time out of the country, I went to London with an amazing group of friends. We were practically hallucinating after getting zero sleep on an over night flight. After wandering around the touristy stuff, we found a really old bar showing some World Cup games. Probably the best beer I’ve ever had.

Kevin Risner

^ British hole-in-the-walls can have some great ales casked.

Christopher Day

One of my most memorable beer moments is sipping a Fat Tire in a crappy Tex-Mex restaurant up in the mountains after 36 hours awake, 13 of which were spent climbing a 14er.

Carly Mento

On the shore of the Outer Banks, drinking a Red Stripe with a summer love at The Run Down Cafe. One of those moments that remains unfaded over time.

Colin Clancy

Great beer moments always seem to happen at the beginning of trips to new places, and for me the two most memorable happen to have been on hostel rooftops—one overlooking San Jose, Costa Rica and the other in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Moshi, Tanzania.

Andrew Troller

Kalik beer on the beaches of the Bahamas. Hard to beat that.

Drew Davis

Probably the beer I had with the brewmaster at Brouwerij Huyghe, the brewery in Ghent, Belgium where Delirium is brewed. That tour and hour of open taps was the best 5 euros I ever spent.

Desiree Duzich

Odell Brewing Company – My mom visited me in Denver for the first time last summer and had never been to a brewery. Her and I had the time of our lives – not to mention, three flights later we were both pretty happy!


  1. Derek Borchardt

    On the beach in Jamaica watching the sunset with a Red Stripe in hand.

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