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Temperance Beer Co. | Gatecrasher IPA

Temperance Beer Co. | Gatecrasher IPA
Mike Wronski

It’s February in Chicago and by this point, we all have the same stinging feeling the mayor of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin is experiencing.  But also, it’s February in Chicago which means you’re running out of time to boast about grilling outdoors in the dead of winter. So in the spirit of flipping off the polar vortex, throw on your knit cap, fire up the grill, grab a beer and pretend Spring is right around the corner. I find that the best way to achieve this mindset is to dive into a Gatecrasher IPA by Evanston, IL brewery, Temperance Beer Co.

From the moment you crack open a can of Gatecrasher, the aromas stretch out of the can. The beer pours golden, with a slight haze and tops off with a fluffy, lily-white head. But the star here is the aroma; Dandelions, fresh cut grass and earthy aromas with a hint of grapefruit. The first sip arrives with some earthy bitterness that’s nicely finished with a little bit of the malt sweetness and a lingering herbal spice. It’s pretty much Spring in a can, without the hay fever and antihistamines. And coming in at 6.6%, it’s just outside of the sessionable range, but still close enough for 2 or 3 without needing a nap. Actually, go ahead and make it 4, but tell everyone you used it to boil the bratwurst.

The aptly named Gatecrasher lives up to its billing well, breaking down the barrier between beer connoisseurs and craft newcomers. It offers up plenty of complexity to interest the highly experienced while still maintaining an accessibility to people having their first English IPA. Having won silver at the 2014 GABF in the EIPA category, it is sure to satisfy a wide range of beer drinkers.

This beer pairs well with cleaning a grill, lighting charcoal, marinating meat, throwing food over open fire, and everything resulting from these prior steps. It also pairs well with a strong sense of optimism that Spring is coming early this year, while still complimenting and balancing those confident we won’t feel warm til May.  Either way, get a fire going and kick start that Spring thaw. Stay warm out there folks!

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