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Cranker’s Brewery | Fifth Voyage

Cranker’s Brewery | Fifth Voyage
Danny King

Since moving out to a lake, my dad divides his life between Ski Season (meaning winter) and Other Ski Season (meaning there’s no ice and he can water ski/wake board). Every year he tries to be one of the first to dock in the spring, and then the last one out in the fall. While installing the dock in early April, my toes nearly frozen (outside temp: 70°F, water temp: … maybe 38°F), I decided that with the confusing weather we’ve been having what with global warming, I too was going to embrace the summer… even if it’s not actually here yet. And so, I’ve skipped any spring beers and have gone straight for the aspirational summer brews. This lead me to the relaxing waves of Crankers Brewery’s Fifth Voyage Coconut Porter.

Poured into a glass, Fifth Voyage is a chalky black with dark brown hints on the edges. What little head there is leaves quickly, but the beer is well carbonated and you get to watch little bubbles erupt on the surface for a while. This porter smells heavier than it tastes, like a box of Girl Scout Samoa cookies. For the sad monsters who have somehow never encountered a Samoa — think coconut, chocolate, and a bit of caramel.

While not necessarily a taste, the first sensation you get upon drinking this beer is best described as “cool”. It’s just a smooth, hydrating sip of freshness that immediately relaxes the muscles in your back as if you’ve just settled into a hammock. Fifth Voyage is extremely light and sugary, almost to the point of being considered a dessert itself. When you pick up the coconut taste, it retains some of the gritty, granular texture you get when you eat actual shredded coconut. (That’s not to imply that the beer contains residuals from brewing.) Under the coconut, the flavor trades chocolate for a Frappuccino-esque coffee note.

For now, those 70 degree days have come and gone and now we’re seeing more appropriate chilly spring weather. Until the warmth returns, I figure I’ll turn on my grill and set up my lounge chairs. I’ll be sticking out this weather on my porch, sipping Fifth Voyage and dreaming of the day when I don’t have to be covered in blankets and sweatshirts in order to enjoy the great outdoors.

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Photo credit: Danielle Duval | Grand Central Magazine
Photo credit: Danielle Duval | Grand Central Magazine


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