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The Best Craft Brewery Social Posts from #Eclipse2017

The Best Craft Brewery Social Posts from #Eclipse2017
Taylor Laabs

Like many Americans, I spent a good portion of my Monday enjoying the hype and pure spectacle that was #Eclipse2017. It’s not every day that you get to witness such a historical astrological event, so it was cool to see the pure visceral excitement folks around the nation emitted when the sun obscured the moon for a brief moment this afternoon.

That said, the actual eclipse was only part of the fun, as both consumer brands and craft breweries showcased their best eclipse-themed posts to be part of the viral social moment. Here are some of my favorites from the craft beer space.

Revolution Brewing

A Sun Crusher + Deth’s Tar stop-motion video? Amazing.This one was my favorite of the day, plus it gave viewers a look at the new Deep Wood Series cans.

Bell’s Brewery

The good folks of Bell’s enjoy the sight with spectacles included.

Sierra Nevada

The use of bottle caps to shield the sun is *not* recommended.

Founders Brewing Co

Viewing the eclipse was an all-day experience for some.

Begyle Brewing

New cans—that’s a sight to behold.

New Belgium

Blocking the harmful UV rays with some homemade Day Blazer box shades. Nice.

Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Another great example of using beer for good.

Three Taverns


Any posts you saw that you think I missed? Feel to share in the comments!

Feature image courtesy of Sierra Nevada

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