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Oskar Blues Brewery | Fugli

Oskar Blues Brewery | Fugli
Dan Olds

A few months I was searching the shelves for beers I had never tried. One in particular caught my attention, Fugli from Oskar Blues Brewery. Oskar Blues, like many breweries, frequently uses clever names that grab people’s attention. Immediately I questioned the reasoning of “Fugli” for something that was supposed to taste so delicious. I assume we all know what two words are added together that form something that by definition means “very unattractive.” Falling into the category of things I think are “fugli” are the ugly duckling from the book I read when I was a kid, the bright green house with brown trim at the end of my block, and the 2017 New York Giants offense.

Oskar Blues’ Fugli is anything but unattractive. The name is derived from the Japanese fruit yuzu and the Jamaican fruit ugli that are added during the brewing process. I was at first skeptical about choosing a Fruit IPA as I usually stray away from the fruitier tasting beverages. Surprisingly the combination of fruit and hops paired well. The fruity mouth-feel is partnered with Mosaic hops which give off blueberry and tangerine notes. The tangy and juicy array comes off in both the taste and aroma. The appearance in the glass is light golden with a significant amount of head. Fruit and hops are nicely balanced in this beer that makes me fall back into the memories of an awesome summer. Upon finishing my first beer I was pleasantly surprised how well I enjoyed it and decided to crush a few more.

It is ironic that something named Fugli could be given to something so beautiful as a glass of beer. Although I now realize the meaning behind the name it also reminds me that there is a lot of ugliness in today’s society with racial tension, negative words towards each other, and random acts of violence. Although this is something we see every day I remind myself to focus on the endless amounts of positivity that also exists in today’s world and spread the love with each person I encounter. Be kind to each other and enjoy a few refreshing Fuglis with your best friends.


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