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What We’re Drinking | July 6, 2018

What We're Drinking

This week we celebrated our independence from the crown. Nationwide, record-high temperatures inspired us to drink the finest, coldest beers we could get our hands on. Not only did they quench our thirst, but they provided a diversion from the horrifying hellscape of our current government. Why have one beer when you can have six? This isĀ What We’re Drinking.

Gypsy Goddess | Rochester Mills Beer Co.

“It’s a billion degrees out and I can’t get too drunk because I have to study later. Thank God for this raspberry radler I found in my parents fridge, as well as whoever brought it to them. Like a raspberry ice tea, but with booze (and honestly probably less sugar).” – Danny King

Oberon | Bell’s Brewery

Champurrado | White Elm Brewing Company

“Roasted malts lay the base for subtle complexity: chili powder, cinnamon, vanilla latte, cocoa nibs. The high ABV is dangerously concealed in a barely perceptible alcohol warmth. There is no place like Nebraska indeed!” – Jeremy Fuerst

Exquisite Beast | Dancing Gnome Brewery

Natura Morta Blood Orange (2017) | Green Flash Brewing Co.

Tropical Milkshake | WeldWerks Brewing

“Giving the other shakers a run for their money! Cheers!” – Chris Hollands

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