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Pop Culture Week In Review 8/16 – 8/23

August 23, 2013 |

J.J. Abrams riddles the internet, a cavalcade of actor/actress project news, and two industry vets died this week. Oh, and huge Batman news. Let’s get right to it.

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Pop Culture Week in Review 12/21-12/28

December 28, 2012 |

The end of the year is my least favorite time for pop culture.  TV shows go on hiatus.  News outlets are only doing their “Best Of’s” and not reporting any news.  Though unless you count what Demi Lovato is getting her mom for Christmas as ‘news,’ there really isn’t anything to report as people are spending time with their stupid families instead of working.  The only good thing to come out of all this is the movies released on Christmas Day.  But you can really only see one on Christmas.  So then you get a huge backlog of movies you have to see and spend $13 per ticket (in New York- I hear there are magical places that charge less than $10 for a movie ticket but I don’t believe they exist) to see. But you can’t really afford to see them because you just dropped a ton of cash on DVD box sets for the whole family.  Hang on, I need a cookie.
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