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Ultimate 6er | Erin Go Bragh

March 12, 2014 |

I have always been partial to St. Patrick’s Day. Perhaps it is the mandated wearing of green (my favorite color) or maybe it is because my name is plastered across bars and parades across the country (Erin Go Bragh! Ireland Forever!). Or maybe it is just the requisite day-drinking involved. As a beer lover St. Patrick’s Day is just in general a great day, regardless of your opinion on corned beef and cabbage. So for your drinking pleasure, I present to you an Ultimate 6er sure to bring great craic.

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Story Time With Hank | At the Dentist

November 2, 2012 |

I’m the Customer of the Week at the Starbucks down the road. Every morning, I’ve sauntered up to the counter, been handed a free coffee and gone about my super-important business. I don’t know how they know who I am—there’s no picture that I can see and most of the staff is new—but they do, every day, without my mentioning it. Except for one day. Today, actually. Today, I ordered a double tall latte and I wasn’t told that they’d have that right up. I was told it would be $3.84.
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