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PorchDrinking Playlist | Bust Out Those Sunglasses

April 5, 2016 |

Despite the bipolar weather we’re experiencing here in Chicago, hints of sunshine and warm weather are starting to emerge. To accompany — and embrace — this seasonal change, we’re resurrecting our summer wardrobes and … Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist | EUROVISION!

March 29, 2016 |

I love watching countries compete against each other in any (non-violent) form. World Cup, Olympics, PR battles; I’ll follow all of it. But my favorite competition, by far, is Eurovision. It’s essentially a contest to make the most all-around appealing pop song, which results in a ton of nonsense dance-songs, guilty pleasure ear worms, crazy train-wrecks, and even a couple of great tunes. When I lived in New York, during the month before the competition, I would spend every night writing insanely long and detailed profiles of each contestant. I never actually showed them to anyone (the only surviving full one from 2010 is 17,090 words.) The entire contest is an exercise of pure, unabashed joy and I love every minute of it. ABBA is the only well-known winner (they won in 1974 with Waterloo,) but in recent years snippets end up being shared around the internet, like Moldova’s “Epic Sax Guy.”
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PorchDrinking Playlist | Rainy Day Playlist

March 22, 2016 |

Here in Seattle, spring is often spent waiting out relentless February, March and April showers with the faint hope that May brings (anything but rain) flowers. Despite the bleak forecast, we’ve discovered … Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist | Mid-Tempo Electronica

March 1, 2016 |

Do you ever crave a little bit of electronica in your life? Whether it’s while driving, for a small house gathering, or perhaps while working at your desk — sometimes you … Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist | Goggle Tan Season

February 23, 2016 |

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According to my allergies and the lovely layer of pollen on my porch, spring has almost sprung! To some, spring is an odd transitional season — the … Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist | Funky February

February 9, 2016 |

Inspired by Bruno, Chris, and Queen Bey’s performance of Uptown Funk at the Super Bowl, this week’s playlist features funky & fresh beats to get you through this February … Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist | Denver Playlist

February 7, 2016 |

Photo Courtesy of Hey Reverb

Mile High City, it’s time to rise up and cheer on the Broncos to another Super Bowl Victory! In getting your mind right for … Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist | Classical Does Rock

February 2, 2016 |

Have you been binge watching Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle like I have? If you haven’t been, you’re missing a great show about the New York Symphony and their quirky Maestro played by Gael García Bernal. I have never been one for listening to very much classical music but the show is making me want to turn the page to a new musical chapter in my life! To make the transition, I have put together a playlist that is Classical-inspired covers of some of our favorite and well known rock, indie, and folk bands from the past 50-ish years with a little bit of Bob Dylan, Beck, Sigur Rós, the Beatles, Arcade Fire and Radiohead, just to name a few. Heck, it may make you want to start playing the cello or piano! Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist | Reunion Bands

January 26, 2016 |

Welcome to the jungle PorchDrinking family, you’re gonna die! During the writing of our last playlist we were deep in the middle of non-stop Guns N’ Roses Coachella rumors. Well, guess … Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist | David Bowie Playlist

January 12, 2016 |

David Bowie was a cultural chameleon. To understate, he was an imaginative musician and fierce fashion icon who’s brilliance touched generations upon generations. We pay tribute to him at with a playlist of some of our favorite Bowie anthems. Read More

PorchDrinking Best of 2015: Our Favorite Songs

January 6, 2016 |

Congratulations! You survived New Years Eve, drank all of the champagne, and (hopefully) recovered from the hangover. Now as we stumble back into the work week (sigh), we wanted to offer up an excellent distraction and a comprehensive look back on the best of 2015.

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PorchDrinking Playlist | The Beatles Unleashed

January 5, 2016 |

Happy New Year from our PorchDrinking family! As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming year, it’s hard to not to reflect on 2015. If we had not been shocked by recent events … Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist | Mix Tape Vol. 1

November 10, 2015 |

I recently had the pleasure of teaching a class of fourth graders about entrepreneurship. I discussed innovation and attempted to make the connection about how this has improved the … Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist | Pumpkin!!!

September 23, 2015 |

Gracing us with its presence (at last!) the season of pumpkin-flavored-everything is upon us. Within the realm of beer, pumpkin is not making its debut this year, but rather confirming its foundational role in brew-making by marking a record high in pumpkin craft. This week, we curated a pumpkin-ale-consumption-worthy playlist, perfect for nascent fall.

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PorchDrinking Playlist | 1986

September 8, 2015 |

Hello PD family! Our last playlist got us thinking. We mentioned 1986, so we thought let’s do a playlist involving that year. Sure we could have taken the easy route and picked the top songs or the best songs from thrash music’s Big Four Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer’s iconic albums released nearly three decades ago (hmm, keeping that one in mind for the future). Nope, we made a list of songs from vocalists born in the year 1986.
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PorchDrinking Playlist | Tuesday Tunesday

August 25, 2015 |

Here at, Tuesday is Tunes-day. This week, we’ve put together a handful of eclectic jams to get you through to hump day.

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PorchDrinking Playlist | Bring the Noise

August 18, 2015 |

This time last month we were singing the praises to the 99₵ / 3-month Spotify trial. Fast forward to now and we just received the first bill for a regular month of service. Now, this so happens to take place the same time as Apple Music has three months free service. Which way do we go? Read More

PorchDrinking Playlist | Eaux Claires Festival

July 7, 2015 |

In just two weeks, thousands of musicophiles will flock to Eau Claire, Wisconsin for the inaugural Eaux Claires music festival. Curated by Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) and Aaron Dessner (The National) in an effort to showcase the city’s “deep-Wisconsin” beauty, this festival features an all-star line-up, chock-full of indie artists such as: The Tallest Man on Earth, Spoon, Sufjan Stevens, Sylvan Esso, Poliçaand of course, Bon Iver and The Nationaljust to name a few. This playlist highlights a few of our most anticipated acts of the upcoming Eaux Claires Festival, in which listeners of all varieties can enjoy.

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PorchDrinking Playlist | America the Playlist

July 1, 2015 | 2

I love America, and I love Amurrrcuhhh Day aka July 4 aka Independence Day.  There’s nothing like burgers on the grill, a cold beer in hand and the soulful tunes of the stars and stripes.  So as we gear up for this Independence Day, I bring you America the Playlist to help spangle your stars, and kick off that party in the U.S.A.

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PorchDrinking Playlist | Electric Forest Preview

June 16, 2015 |

From “tropical house” to “west coast gothic”, electronica enthusiasts will endure the genre’s gamut at Electric Forest Music Festival next weekend. Of course, at all concert weekends there are … Read More