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Schooner EXACT Brewing Co. | 3-Grid IPA

October 27, 2015 |

ABV 6.7% | IBU 62

One of the great things about living in a beer-forward city like Seattle is the beer fluency of the entire city. Virtually every person in the area can carry on a conversation about beer styles and the relative virtues of one brewery over another without prompting, guaranteeing that a diverse set of opinions is just a conversation away. It’s in this way that I discovered the Schooner EXACT 3-Grid IPA.

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Peddler Brewing Company | On Your Left IPA

June 15, 2015 |

6.8% ABV
77 IBU

Biking culture, for the uninitiated, can be a very daunting subject to master. From practical information such as how to fix a flat, to the huge array of options for bikes, tires, saddles, and shoes, there’s a seemingly limitless amount of knowledge that one needs to acquire before purchasing a bike, let alone joining a group ride or a biking brewery tour. Fortunately, despite the many rules that simultaneously shadow and support the popularity of the sport, Peddler Brewing Company has figured out how to create a space that caters to cycling novices and connoisseurs alike. I stopped by the Ballard brewery to check out their new beer garden and have a glass of their flagship On Your Left IPA. Read More

Elysian Brewing Company | Loser Pale Ale

February 11, 2015 |

ABV: 7.0%
IBU: 57

I know what you’re thinking, but no, I did not choose to write about Elysian’s Loser Pale Ale because it’s from Seattle and the Seahawks lost the Super Bowl and everyone is (still) talking about how Pete Carroll made the play call that lost it all… But now that you mention it, my choice of beer does allow me to draw some interesting comparisons between the Anheuser-Busch acquisition of Elysian Brewing and the Super Bowl.

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Deschutes Brewery | Not the Stoic

August 1, 2014 | 1

ABV: 12.1%

IBU: 15

I first encountered Not the Stoic at a food and beer pairing hosted by Deschutes Brewery’s executive chef during Seattle Beer Week. I must admit that I immediately swooned over this perfectly balanced Belgian quad that was served with the first of five courses, a trio of local cheeses. However, its stoicism (if you will) was proven when, even after weaving our way through three hours of gastronomic and fermented bliss, Not the Stoic endured as the brew that left its boozy mark on me and my date for the tasting, my dad. We each bought a bottle and, likely due to our palpable excitement, were interviewed shortly thereafter for a Deschutes promotional video. Needless to say, we left the event giddy with delight, each clutching a 650ml bottle of satisfaction. Read More