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Get Tickets | 2023 Vail Craft Beer Classic Announces Brewery Lineup

June 6, 2023 |

One of Colorado’s premier summer beer festivals returns in just over a week! Combining an incredible lineup of craft beverage producers for a two-day, two-session, all-you-can-drink event, the Vail Craft Beer Classic has become one of the top destination mountain beer fests in Colorado.

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Event Recap | Vail Craft Beer Classic 2022

June 24, 2022 |

A beer fest set in the middle of the Rocky Mountains is bound to be beautiful, and the Vail Craft Beer Classic did not disappoint in that regard. Along with the wondrous mountain scenery is a laid back mountain vibe enjoyed by patrons and vendors alike. No long lines, no crowded bottlenecks, and plenty of time and space to casually have a conversation with a brewery worker or a random attendee, the Vail Craft Beer Classic is ideally set up for enjoying a couple hours worth of various brews.

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Vail Craft Beer Classic Is This Summer’s In-Person Beer Fest

July 31, 2020 |

There’s nothing that epitomizes summer like a beer festival: Standing under the hot sun with a diminutive glass, waiting in snake-like lines to score the rare — or new-to-you — brew. However, with COVID-19 lurking like a skunky beer in the six-pack, in-person beer festivals have been canceled left and right. Except, it seems, for one.

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