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Revolution Brewing | Coffee Eugene Porter

Taylor Laabs

In the ever-crowded Chicago beer scene, Revolution Brewing decidedly stands out from the rest due to their dogged pursuit of unique flavors and new versions of old staples. True to form, one of Revolution’s classics, its Coffee Eugene Porter, is back after a two-year hiatus with a new recipe and a new packaging presentation: 12oz cans.

Fans of Coffee Eugene idolize the beer for its intense coffee flavor, with this year’s version seeking to capitalize on that. Working with one of Chicago’s best local coffee purveyors, Dark Matter Coffee, Revolution picked a unique trio of beans to add to this year’s version:

  • 50% Catuai San Jeronimo Miramar Yellow Honey (fermented with a portion of fruit left on the bean)
  • 25% Catuai Wheat (fermented with German wheat beer yeast strain)
  • 25% Catuai Blanc (fermented with Hallertau Blanc hops)

This caffeinated trio of beans was added to the bright tank following the initial brewing process; the beer then underwent a week of aging, infusing rich coffee flavor into the brew. And to ensure the beer stayed fresh and as flavorful as ever, Coffee Eugene was packaged and pasteurized with Revolution’s newest canning and pasteurization system. The result? A deliciously elevated coffee porter that delivers coffee flavor from start to finish.

I was lucky enough to receive a 6-pack of Coffee Eugene – here are my thoughts.


Full and thick; the carbonization buzzes coming out the can.


Rich, dark brown color with an almost reddish tinge.


On first sniff, you’d be remiss if you didn’t think Coffee Eugene was a cold brew as the coffee aroma dominates a sense. That said, once it warms up, you’re able to get some faint whiffs of chocolate.


I admit it: sometimes I find it hard to differentiate from the great coffee stouts and porters because they often become dual noted – dominated by coffee and chocolate. That said, while Coffee Eugene has both of these flavors in spades, it’s the depth of flavor, particularly from the Dark Matter coffee, that elevates this porter from the rest. The combination of three different coffee variants means that you get different levels of coffee flavor in the beer, all supported by a hearty malt backbone and dark chocolate overtones. And while Coffee Eugene is packed with flavor, it’s not overbearing, offering the familiar smoothness that patrons will be familiar with.


Making Coffee Eugene is a labor of love for Revolution. It’s not a beer that’s going to see wide distribution but is instead a beer made for Revolution’s most fanatical fans. This distribution makes the beer special, almost exclusive to Chicagoans, and the intense flavor of Coffee Eugene illustrates why it is so highly sought after. Coffee Eugene seems like a beer Ron Burgundy would drink as he trades sips of bourbon whilst reading one of his many leather-bound books. It’s a beer that deserves an attentive audience, and I expect many Revolution lovers will savor a few of these on a chilly winter night.

Interested in having your own Coffee Eugene experience?

Revolution says that they have very limited six packs still available at both their brew pub and tap room. If you can’t make it in time, fear not: Coffee Eugene will be on draft at both locations for the foreseeable future to help shield you from the winter’s cold. Cheers!

Feature image courtesy of Revolution Brewing.

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