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Our Story

Inspired by innumerable nights spent with old friends, cold beers, and digressing topics of discussion, is aimed to conjure that exact type of atmosphere. This is a blog for the porch drinkers, the every drinkers. Topics can range anywhere from what we love to drink, when we love to drink it, and our favorite breweries to how great a movie mashup of Ghostbusters and the Sandlot would be, whether Ben Gibbard should reform the Postal Service as the United Parcels Service, and of course Kentucky basketball. The main goal is to help build the beer community and do so while having an absolute blast. We don’t claim to be experts on any topic in particular, but we love tasting it, talking about it, sharing it in the most outrageous, entertaining and occasionally educational manner possible. Welcome to our porch, grab a drink, take a seat!

Our Story Post Porch Drink

This beer blog is the result of gallons of blood sweat and tears shed in the developmental leagues, and finally getting called up to the big show. Many Bothans died to bring us this blog, it was forged in the molten lavas of Mordor, only to be cast to the farthest depths of the universe and encapsulated in the Fortress of Solitude. It was not until a group of monks convened under a bush, which was engulfed by flames, and meditated for many moons, that the blog was brought back to our terrestrial earth. At that moment dragons wielding banjos, centaurs strumming on les pauls, unicorns strapped with tambourines rhythmically galloping, and tyranasauri fiddling with stradavariuses appeared simultaneously and performed what could only be described as the polar opposite of a Creed/Nickelback mashup. The result has been described as a perfect game, the equivalent of winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and unlocking the other 70 percent of one’s brain.

Ethics Statement was born out of a desire to help promote the craft beer industry through meaningful storytelling. Our aim remains to educate, entertain, serve as a resource for the industry, and spotlight the tremendous things happening in beer. But more importantly, we aim to do so while also upholding our pillars of equity, inclusion, camaraderie, and positivity.

As such, the PorchDrinking staff reserves the right to suspend coverage of breweries in feature pieces, showcases, profiles, etc, that do not adhere to those ideals. Until the offending breweries can demonstrate meaningful organization-wide change, PorchDrinking has chosen to place a moratorium on all coverage relating to that brewery aside from straight-lined news reporting. staff shall not initiate solicitation of free or discounted samples and products from industry promoters. However, staff members are able to accept free or discounted samples and products when offered. That said, PorchDrinking will guarantee no positive endorsement or review of said products. All reviews and articles are the expressed written opinion of the site’s individual writers and contributors and should be considered as such.

In summation, be nice, do good unto others and enjoy beer/alcohol in moderation.