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The PorchCast Ep. 110 | Lady Justice Brewing

April 10, 2024 |

In episode 110 of The PorchCast, the whole gang got back together to chat with Betsy Lay and Alison Wisneski, co-owners of Lady Justice Brewing.

The Lady Justice crew recently … Read More

The PorchCast Ep. 109 | Metro State Brewery Operations Program

November 28, 2023 |

In episode 109 of The PorchCast, Korey and Tristan were joined by Katherine Strain, Lab Manager and Lecturer for Brewery Operations in the School of Hospitality at Metro State, along with Bernardo Alatorre, Director of the Brewery Operations Program at Metro State to talk about the incredible Brewery Operations Program along with the newly opened Charlie Papazian Brewing Education Lab.

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The PorchCast Ep. 108 | Primitive Beer + Cohesion + GABF Preview

September 21, 2023 |

Happy kickoff to GABF! Last night, we recorded a very special PorchCast with our friends, Brandon & Lisa Boldt, co-founders of Primitive Beer in Longmont, as well as Eric and … Read More

The PorchCast Ep. 107 | Jill Preston – Left Hand Brewing’s 30th Anniversary

September 15, 2023 |

In episode 107 of The PorchCast, Tristan and Korey were joined by Jill Preston, Director of Marketing for Left Hand Brewing at Left Hand’s newest location in Denver’s River North Art District right next to Mission Ballroom to recap what a monstrous past two years it’s been for the pioneer Colorado brewery.

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The PorchCast Ep. 106 | Rich Fierro – Atrevida Beer Company

June 26, 2023 |

In episode 105 of The PorchCast, Tristan and Bryant spoke with Rich Fierro, co-founder of Atrevida Beer Company about the origin story of he and his wife/head brewer, Jessica Fierro launched Atrevida.

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The PorchCast Ep. 105 | Ren Navarro – Beer Diversity

June 7, 2023 |

In episode 105 of The PorchCast, Tristan caught up with Ren Navarro, founder of Beer Diversity to discuss her frustrations stemming from this year’s Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville.

During this discussion, we examined the positive steps taken by the Brewers Association toward boosting diversity and inclusion in craft beer, while also exploring the shortcomings that stemmed from hosting the conference in a state that has repeatedly passed anti-inclusive laws.

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The PorchCast Ep 104 | Sam Tierney & Brad Miles: Firestone Walker Innovation Team

April 18, 2023 |

In episode 104 of The PorchCast, our team had the chance to sit down with Sam Tierney, Propogator Brewery Manager, and Brad Miles, Innovations Manager for Firestone Walker Brewing. This dynamic duo heads up research and development for Firestone Walker and the two been essential in the creation of iconic brands like Mind Haze, Hopnosis, and the recently released Double Hopnosis West Coast Imperial IPA featuring Cryo Hops just to name a few.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Miles and Tierney to find out a bit more about how R&D works at Firestone Walker, how their small-batch collaborations come about, and what other exciting products they’ve been working on as well as so much more.

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The PorchCast Ep 102 | Terence Sullivan – Sierra Nevada Brewing

February 23, 2023 |

In episode 102 of the PorchCast, we were joined by Terence Sullivan, Produce Manager for Sierra Nevada Brewing to share the story behind their iconic Celebration Fresh Hop IPA. Terence pulled back the curtain behind brewery’s extensive hop selection and hop harvest process needed for produce such large volumes of the widely popular seasonal IPA.

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The PorchCast Ep 101 | Kelly McKnight – New Belgium Brewing

January 23, 2023 |

In episode 101 of The PorchCast, we were joined by Kelly McKnight, lead R&D brewer for New Belgium Brewing to discuss all things innovation at New Belgium. In addition to hearing about her extensive brewing background, we were captivated by the fact that McKnight was a sponsored skateboarder & skier in a previous life and also studied chemistry at Harvard.

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The PorchCast Ep 100 | Jesse Bussard – Craft Maltsters Guild

December 22, 2022 |

In episode 100 of the PorchCast, we were joined by Jesse Bussard, Executive Director of the Craft Maltster’s Guild to talk about the explosive craft malt movement happening across the United States.

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The PorchCast Ep 99 | Jake Schinker – Eagle Park Brewing

December 22, 2022 |

In episode 99 of the PorchCast, we were joined by Jake Schinker of Eagle Park Brewing
& Distilling to chat about the Milwaukee brewery’s explosive growth. In addition to their recent acquisition of MKE Brewing, a pioneer of the Milwaukee craft beer scene, they’ve also expanded their operations into distilling.

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The PorchCast Ep 96 | Eric Ponce – Firestone Walker

December 20, 2022 |

In episode 96 of the PorchCast we were joined by Firestone Walker Brewing Barrel Program Manager, Eric Ponce. Eric has been a long-time friend of PorchDrinking dating back to his time managing the barrel program at Goose Island.

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The PorchCast Ep 98 | Chris Black & Henry Schwartz – GABF Recap

October 12, 2022 |

In episode 98 of the PorchCast, we were joined by Chris Black former co-founder of Falling Rock Tap House, and Henry Schwartz, co-founder of MobCraft & Denver’s MobCraft Dee Tacko … Read More

The PorchCast Ep 97 | David Bergen – Joyride Brewing

September 20, 2022 |

In episode 97 of the PorchCast we were joined by David Bergen, co-founder of Joyride Brewing to preview their upcoming Fresh Hop Festival taking place this weekend. We also took … Read More

The PorchCast Ep. 95 | Ranking the Best IPA Styles

August 11, 2022 |

In episode 95 of the PorchCast we kicked it back to the old school with a guest-free edition featuring just the core team of Korey David, Bryant Vander Weerd and Tristan Chan. With Bryant now located in Madison, WI, the team reconvened debated some hard hitting topics ranging from: whether it’s fair or foul to sneak in snacks into a movie, to whether Oktoberfest beers should be released in August. We also touched on the CO2 shortage and what that means for the beer industry. However the big topic of the show was ranking our favorite IPA styles.

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The PorchCast Ep 94 | FlyteCo Brewing + On Tap Credit Union

July 26, 2022 |

In episode 94 of the PorchCast we were joined by Eric Serani and Morgan O’Sullivan, two of the three co-founders of Denver’s FlyteCo Brewing, to catch us up on all of the exciting big moves they’ve been making. In addition to being on the verge of opening their second taproom and brewery in the building that originally served as the Stapleton Airport air traffic control tower, and last held Punch Bowl Social, we also heard more about their new partnership with Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum.

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The PorchCast Ep 93 | CBC Edition: More Brewing + Forager Brewing

June 13, 2022 |

In a very special CBC edition of The PorchCast we broadcasted live from First Draft Taproom & Kitchen in Minneapolis, MN. During these episodes we had the opportunity to chat with four incredible breweries while sampling beers at the PorchDrinking takeover events. In the first of our CBC edition episodes, we sat down with Aaron Keefner, Director of Business Operations, and David Ziebel, Head Brewer for More Brewing in Illinois, to talk about their meteoric rise.

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The PorchCast Ep 92 | Andrew Coplon – Secret Hopper & Craft Beer Professionals

April 29, 2022 |

In episode 92 of The PorchCast, we welcomed Andrew Coplon, founder of Secret Hopper and Craft Beer Professionals to talk about his rise in craft beer and all of the incredible industry resources he’s created through both of his endeavors.

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The PorchCast Ep 91 | Craft Beer Is Dead Podcast + Collaboration Fest

March 31, 2022 |

In episode 91 of The PorchCast, we welcomed Brie Bernstel and Kreis Holland from the Craft Beer is Dead Podcast to formally announce that their podcast has joined the Podcast Network!

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The PorchCast | Ep 90 Country Boy Brewing’s 10th Anniversary

February 10, 2022 |

In episode 90 of The PorchCast we had a chance to catch up with Daniel Harrison “DH” one of the co-founders of Country Boy Brewing in Lexington, KY, as well as their Marketing Director, Pete Weiss. On the eve of their 10th anniversary celebration, taking place this weekend, we spoke with Pete and DH about how they were able to grow to approximately 20,000 barrels, open up a massive production facility and taproom in Georgetown, KY, and expand distribution across six states in just 10 years!

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