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About- Tristan Chan

Tristan Chan

Tristan Chan

Tristan is a craft beer fanatic who originally hails from Kentucky, which used to be a veritable wasteland for craft beer. Since moving to Colorado, he discovered a passion for hops, malts, brett strains, tinctures, nitros, and all things craft brew. He created this blog as a means for his friends across the country to a virtual porch drink and he hopes that you’ll join the revolution.

Posts By Tristan Chan

Meet Andres Gil Zaldana, New Executive Director of the Colorado Brewers Guild

March 23, 2017 | Avg. Reading Time: 3 min

It’s not often you can refer to a DC insider as an outsider, but such is the case for Andres Gil Zaldana, the Colorado Brewers Guild’s (CBG) newly named Executive Director. Zaldana, who previously served with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and as an attorney in private practice, is a newcomer to working in the craft beer industry.

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Great Lakes Brewing Begins Canning, Adds Rally Drum Red to Rotation

March 22, 2017 | Avg. Reading Time: 2 min

Canning beers, so hot right now. Even for an old guard Midwestern stalwart like Great Lakes Brewing Company (GLBC), the practice of canning beers has become so ubiquitous and widely adopted that after 28 years, the Cleveland-based brewery has shifted to offer a new option toward their packaged beer products.

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The PorchCast | Ep 34 Previewing Collaboration Fest with Two Parts

March 17, 2017 | Avg. Reading Time: 1 min

For Episode 34 of The PorchCast, the whole gang sat down with Casey Berry, Tobias Kraus, Keanan Stoner and Alex Weissner of Two Parts to preview next Saturday’s 4th annual Collaboration Fest.

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New Brewery Showcase | Zuni Street Brewing Opens Today in Denver’s LoHi Neighborhood

March 8, 2017 | Avg. Reading Time: 2 min

Denver is a city fueled not by urban sprawl, but rather the alluring balance of culture, arts, entertainment as well as the simplicity and beauty of the great outdoors. Colorado weekends are often split by beer fests, farmers markets, art walks and Rockies games, but also 14er hikes, hill climbs on two wheels, cliff hucks and bouldering climbs.

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BREAKING | 2017 Collaboration Fest Pour List Preview

March 7, 2017 | Avg. Reading Time: 15 min

Over the past four years, Collaboration Fest has grown to represent the foundation of which this industry was built upon. Fostering a deep sense of community, pairing neighbors, friends from across the country, entire geographical regions, and even breweries from across the globe, Collaboration Fest celebrates the partnership of breweries near and far, coming together to brew unique, one-off beers specifically to be showcased at the festival.

2017 Collaboration Fest Pour List Preview

This year’s 4th Annual Collaboration Fest taking place on Saturday, March 25 at The National Western Sports Complex, will be upping the ante to include over 110 unique beers from over 150 breweries. The event runs from 4-7pm for General Admission ticket holders with a VIP ticket holders having access to the festival from 3-7pm. Tickets are currently available for $60 for General Admission with VIP ringing in at $85.

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Event Recap | Avery’s 15th Annual Boulder Strong Ale Fest Showcases Innovation

March 6, 2017 | Avg. Reading Time: 4 min

No matter the pedigree or esteem, for a beer festival to continue to thrive in today’s crowded beer landscape after 15 years of existence, it must be able to evolve, and iterate. Steeped in tradition, and rich in popularity, Avery’s Boulder Strong Ale Fest has found a way to remain one of the elite mid-sized festivals in the country by showcasing innovation in beer both internally and through the industry friends they invite each year.

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Event Preview | What Exactly is Wynkoop’s Day of Dorks?

March 3, 2017 | Avg. Reading Time: 2 min

When: Saturday, March 4 from 12- 4pm

Where: Wynkoop Brewing, 1634 18th Street, Denver, CO

Bust out those pocket protectors, polish off those Lisa Frank notebooks and pull up your suspenders, tomorrow’s Day of Dorks presented by Wynkoop Brewing is a celebration of all things dorky.

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Tickets on Sale for 5th Annual New Kids on the Block Beer Fest

March 2, 2017 | Avg. Reading Time: 1 min

No, we’re not talking about the band, it’s something much more radical! The fifth annual New Kids On The Block beer festival features one part 80’s dance party and another part celebration of Colorado breweries under two years old. This year’s 5 annual NKOTB beer fest will be held Friday, June 9 at 7 p.m. at The Lobby. As a part of Colorado Craft Beer Week, New Kids on the Block is brought to you by and The Lobby.

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The PorchCast | Ep 33 Powder Keg Brewing & Small Batch Liquors

February 28, 2017 | Avg. Reading Time: 1 min

In episode 33 of The PorchCast, we met up with Phil Joyce, head brewer of Powder Keg Brewing in Niwot, Colorado and co-founder of the forthcoming Amalgam Brewing, as well as Joe Tumbarello, founder of Denver’s Small Batch Liquors.

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Pour List | 15th Annual Boulder Strong Ale Fest

February 28, 2017 | Avg. Reading Time: 6 min

Over the past 15 years, Avery Brewing Company has practically written the book on brewery-run niche festivals. Dating back to their original location in the humble alley of Arapahoe Ave, and now spanning three bar stations and an outdoor tent lineup in their two year old $30 million facility in Gunbarrel, Avery has mastered the art of attracting rare beers from top tier breweries, as well as showcasing their own oft unseen or hard to acquire wonders at such events.

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BREAKING | TRVE Brewing to Launch Colorado Distribution of Burial Beer & The Commons

February 22, 2017 | Avg. Reading Time: 2 min

American craft beer has always been an industry that has thrived off strong relationships and mutual respect. That sense of camaraderie and support of fellow industry talents has led to today’s news that beginning in March, Denver’s TRVE Brewing will begin limited distribution of Burial Beer Co. out of Asheville, North Carolina and The Commons Brewery out of Portland, Oregon.

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Powder Keg Brewing | Palisade Reunion Batch 2

February 17, 2017 | Avg. Reading Time: 3 min

The term craft beer for all intents and purposes has jumped the shark. Over the past five to ten years, it has been sensationalized, marginalized and dragged through mud by the likes of Big Beer, bandwagoners and yes, even Wal-Mart.

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Beer Valentine’s Day Cards from

February 14, 2017 | Avg. Reading Time: 1 min

Whether Valentine’s Day is a special night filled with romance, the one day each year to indulge on copious amounts of sweet treats, or an excuse to raid your cellar and celebrate the single life, PorchDrinking wanted to wish all of our readers a very special Valentine’s Day with a set of Beer Themed Valentine’s Day Cards. We firkin love you all!

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The PorchCast | Ep 32 Avanti Food & Beverage’s Jason Snopkoski

February 10, 2017 | Avg. Reading Time: 1 min

In episode 32 of the PorchCast, Tristan, Hunter and Jesse are joined by Jason Snopkoski, GM at Avanti Food & Beverage, Denver’s innovative restaurant incubator concept that boasts a full cocktail, wine and, most importantly, elite craft beer program. Avanti features a mix of eight DogFish Head beers as well as a showcase of 12 rotating local taps.

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2017 Super Bowl Bingo Cards

February 4, 2017 | Avg. Reading Time: 1 min

It’s time once again for PorchDrinking’s 2017 Super Bowl 51 Bingo Cards. In addition to the entertainment of seeing who can inhale the most combinations of cheese dips in one sitting, we’ve created bingo boards for your party-goers’ enjoyment. Each square should be crossed off as they occur. And sure since this is PorchDrinking, take a drink each time you cross off a square.

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