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#beer and chocolate pairing Archives –

Bean to Barstool Podcast | How to Pair IPAs with Craft Chocolate

July 17, 2024 |

IPAs are the most popular family of beer styles in craft beer today, they aren’t the first beers most people think of for pairing with craft chocolate. While IPAs can pair beautifully with craft chocolate, it’s not an effortless pairing. IPAs present challenges that can lead to chocolate pairings with harsh, bitter, astringent, and/or clashing flavor qualities. In this bonus episode, we’ll look at some common styles of IPA, discuss their sensory attributes, and discuss chocolates to seek out and chocolates to avoid when planning pairings with each. Let’s pair IPAs with craft chocolate!

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Bean to Barstool Podcast | How to Host a Beer & Chocolate Pairing at Home

May 29, 2024 |

Bean to Barstool host David Nilsen’s new book Pairing Beer & Chocolate: A Guide to Bringing the Flavors of Craft Beer and Craft Chocolate Together is out now. In honor of the release, David talks in this latest episode of Bean to Barstool about how to host a beer and chocolate pairing at home. How do you plan it, how do you guide the event itself, and how do you give your friends a memorable evening with beer and chocolate? We’ve got you covered.

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