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Cord-Cutters: The Future of TV?

May 15, 2014 |

I’m a cord-cutter. I don’t have cable. And yet, I love television. I love it a whole lot.

Like many people of my generation, I’ve decided to forego the old cable-box in favor of acquiring my pop culture through other means. I catch my programming through streaming services, over-the-air antennae, and a few other methods (I can neither confirm nor deny the use of torrent downloading).

This past week, I switched internet providers, still foregoing cable packages offering anywhere from 30 to 800 channels of content at an added price of anywhere from 15 to 70 dollars extra per month. Why shell out the extra cash, I figure, if I can absorb all my favorite pop culture while still cutting the cord?

Between my renewed conviction to stay off cable and the major networks’ upfront announcements this week, I’ve been thinking… what’s the future of television? What follows is one optimistic cord-cutter’s vision for the future of TV… followed by a few pesky facts that might get in the way of my dream. Here goes.

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