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Beer Trading 101 | The Ins and Outs of Beer Trading

March 29, 2016 |

So you’ve moved on from macro to craft, and maybe you’ve dabbled in attending some local small batch releases. You’ve also joined some local Facebook groups and started perusing beer forums on sites like Beer Advocate, but you’re noticing more and more that you don’t recognize the beers that are being posted, or breweries being discussed. Your curiosity is piqued, so you head to your favorite bottle shop and start scavenging the walk-in coolers in search of these cryptic hidden treasures, but to no avail, they aren’t there. You finally reach the tipping point in your frustration and fall to your knees crying to the beer gods “why oh why can’t I find any of these beers?” But then suddenly the clouds part and the answer is clear, it’s time to dive deep into the throes of Beer Trading.

Due in large part to the vast connectivity of the world we live in, beer trading has reached new heights and continues to serve as a great way to discover new breweries from out of state that are otherwise unobtainable.  But if you’re just getting into the game, the world of craft beer trading can be a daunting task that produces many questions. How do I initiate a trade? Is there trading etiquette? How do I engage in the community? Is it legal? Well, I have compiled 11 tips to help ease your transition into this exciting segment of the Craft Beer universe, so pay close attention. Read More