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Festival Recap | BrüFrou 2015

April 27, 2015 | 1

Average Reading Time: 7 minutes

Special thanks to Dustin Hall of The Brewtography Project for providing photos for this event. To see more from his shoot of this event and breweries around the state visit The Brewtography Project.

BrüFrou [broo-froo] is the craft beer and food pairing event for foodies who appreciate the nuances of tastes, scents and textures…but there’s more to BrüFrou than meets the eye…and the tastebuds.

WE all know that beer pairs with food better than wine. So do the folks that ushered in this culinary pairing and craft beer event. The inspiration for BrüFrou is Colorado’s vibrant local roster of community beer and food events, revealing an inflection point on the scene. Craft beer has moved main-stage, no longer a sidelined curiosity. Building upon the localized celebrations, on April 25th, from 11 AM to 8 PM, BrüFrou did just that: elevated the scene to a new level and brought out many a craft beer gourmand.

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