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Awesomesauce- ThinkGeek

Laura Mego

Am I the only one who is totally loving the fact that nerds are somehow cool again? Given the enduring popularity of “The Big Bang Theory” since its debut in 2007, the recent crop of superhero movies making their way to the big screen, and the rockstar-style reception that Matt Smith now receives at Comic-Con, I think it’s fair to say that “brainy is the new sexy.” (And if you get that reference, you’re also definitely one of us- welcome!)
For the Nerdist-loving, cosplaying, Firefly-watching folk out there (ok, and for me), the holy grail of all geeky websites has got to be With a tagline of “Stuff for Smart Masses,” (teehee!) ThinkGeek offers anything and everything the slightly nerdy might want or even dream about from the comfort of one’s couch. Think of it as one giant souvenir booth at Comic-Con; sonic screwdriver universal remotes, lightsaber earrings, “meh” t-shirts, and a pizza cutter shaped like the starship Enterprise, all mingling together in one giant online marketplace.
You can search the website by category (home and office, apparel, etc.) or by Fandom (Star Wars, Portal, Star Trek, etc.) to find just exactly what your nerdy heart didn’t even know it desired. What I love the most about the website, however, is the consistency of their brand. The confirmation that I received when I placed an order earlier this week was signed “Live Long and Prosper, -Timmy and your fellow ThinkGeek Smart Masses” and every email I get from them has a disclaimer on the bottom that says “This email brought to you by the letter Q, the number Pi and a whole mess of hard-working geeks.”
Check out the ThinkGeek store on the interwebs here, or you can always find them on the usual social networking sites (Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.)

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