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12 Ways Bonnaroo Changed You

Bonnaroo Arch 2014

Several of us PorchDrinkers were lucky enough to attend Bonnaroo June 12-15, 2014. Yes, Kanye, the press was there. *sigh*

Avett Brothers Bonnaroo 2014

We got to see bands we didn’t know (check out The St. Johns!), were in the pit for the ones we love (see photo above), hang in the press tent, and do all the things that Bonnaroovians do, like help Thomas Mars of Phoenix crowd surf his way back up to the stage.

Now, it’s back to real life, but not without a few holdovers from the weekend. Here are 12 ways Bonnaroo has changed you… at least temporarily.

1. You spontaneously have the urge to yell “Bonnaroooooo!”

Your co-workers and boss might not appreciate it, and they most likely won’t howl along with you as your temporary family of 80,000 people did just a few days ago.

2. You feel as if you’re undergoing sensory deprivation since leaving the farm..

There is always something going on at Bonnaroo. Seriously. One night during the 2014 festival, there was a show going on until 7am, and that’s just the festival-produced content. There is a non-stop sensory flood while you’re there, and unless you were vigilant about ear plugs, you likely feel like you’re underwater for a couple days following your return to the real world.

3. … but seeing your own face in a mirror is a little weird.

Unless you count those tiny mirrors in the port-a-johns, it’s likely that you didn’t really know—or care to know— what you looked like for 4 days. There were so many other things to go experience that trying to look good despite the heat was not a serious concern. (However, some people pulled it off really well.) Now, it suddenly seems there are mirrors everywhere! And, judging from those oddly shaped bright pink marks on your body, it appears you forgot sunscreen at least once in your haste to make it to a show. Oops!

4. Aloe is your new best friend.

At least for a couple days, because… sunburn.

5. You look at undergarments in a whole new fashion.

Ladies: I could totally pull off that lacy bra-lette with shorts, right?

Gents: I need pants?!

6. You have a sincere appreciation for sitting on a toilet seat.

No more awkward crouching while making a vain attempt to not touch anything! And for the ladies who experienced the Girls’ Only bathroom, there’s a sense that Olay has your back(side), and some products worth checking out too!

7. Running water seems like some voodoo magic.

It is just that magical and wonderful. Even more so when it is not coming out of a hose.

8. You are amazed by the number of children you see on a daily basis.

Although there is family camping at Bonnaroo and some folks do bring their children, they are few and far between– somewhat of a novelty. The whole weekend I saw 23 children, and some of those might be duplicates. In real life, kids are everywhere!

9. When you see a stranger having an obviously unpleasant drug-related experience, your first thought is, I’ll get a medic!

Then you have the realization that you can’t do that most places outside the farm without it having real-life repercussions, and maybe that person doesn’t want your help.

10. Your sense of smell is heightened– but only for good smells.

Remember those awkward commercials where people sniffed each other? Me too! But sadly, I don’t remember what they were trying to sell. I guess it didn’t work very well.

I am reminded of one in an elevator where an elderly woman sniffs the young man standing next to her. Following Bonnaroo, you may find that you truly appreciate the good smells of recently-showered people. Just try to not be so obvious when sniffing a stranger.

11. You find yourself wondering if the whole thing was a dream.

4 days in an idyllic—although hot— farm landscape, where people are generally nice, helpful, and happy can be a bit of a departure from normalcy. Also, did you really see Elton John or was that a mirage created by the sequins on the Arch?

12. When passing someone on the street, your hand automatically starts to raise for a high five.

Depending on where you are, they might cower in anticipation of an attack, but a high five is a decidedly better, unexpected outcome. Go forth, spread the Bonnaroovian code, and stay true ‘Roo!

Bonnaroo 2014 Tristan Kate Dylan

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