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Pop Culture Week In Review: 6/15 – 6/21

Kim and Kanye Have a Baby
Liz Riggs

Oh my mommy. Where soever do we begin? This week has been a haze of celebrity-fueled nonsense. People were having babies and releasing videos and dying and the world just keeps on turning. Instead of overviewing all of the juicy details, let’s jump in head first for our pop culture week in review!

Kanye and Kim had Their Baby

This is terrifying for all too many reasons, mostly because now the two biggest narcissists on the face of God’s golden earth have the world’s most humbling job: PARENTS. The sources are mixed up on the baby’s name (because this is important information for those who want to sleep soundly at night), some originally saying the poor child’s name was Kaidence Donda West, and now reports are coming in that the lucky young lad is named North West.


Kanye’s Album Leaked/Was Released

Yeezus , of course, is the name. And, to be totally honest, I haven’t listened to it yet. But, I hear it has some amazing lyrics about self referencing as God, demanding massages and croissants, and other general absurdities.

Bonnaroo Happened

Paul McCartney
Personally, I am still recovering physically and emotionally from last year’s Bonnaroo, so I didn’t make it out to the farm this year, but I know everyone lost their brains because Sir Paul played something like 36 songs straight and was generally amazing. Jack Johnson replaced Mumford and Sons, which is hilarious because, what?! Jack Johnson still plays music? I thought he was somewhere making pancakes? Also, the Mumford boys couldn’t come because one of them was having BRAIN SURGERY?!! Apparently he’s doing just fine, but this world is a crazy place.

James Gandolfini Died

James Gandolfini
I know almost nothing about this man or The Sopranos except that he was only 51 and either way, this is totally sad. Also, according to some of my most trusted pop culture consumers, The Sopranos is one of the greatest shows ever on television, which is probably true. But also, there’s Friday Night Lights .

This Is The End Was Released

Michael Cera, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, and so many other famous people in one movie about The Rapture. I don’t know what’s not to love.

Miley Cyrus Twerked

She released the video for…. “We Can’t Stop” is the song’s name, a fact that’s easy to forget after you see the video. Whether it’s great or awful, I can’t tell, but you certainly won’t be able to look away.

And there you have it folks, another week has come and gone, there are more Kardashians/Wests than there were last week, and as The Weepies say, the world spins madly on.

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