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Awesomsauce | Baby Goats

Laura Mego

I have a confession: when I’m having a bad day, I turn turn to the internet to make me feel better.  I have several go-to strategies, depending on what’s ailing me: is for those days when the little things in life are going wrong; hangnail, bad day at work, no Chai Lattes at Starbucks…basically any day when my complaints could show up on the website to be (righfully) mocked for the first world problems that they are.  If I need a little extra cheering up, I turn to or, so I can feel better about the fact that my mom gave me crimped hair for my 4th grade class photo, and then moved past it (read: didn’t continue to subject me to the same choices to this very day.)  But when I’m having one of those days when even those two won’t make me smile, and when puppy videos just won’t cut it, I resort to YouTube…to baby goat videos. They can bring a smile to your face when almost nothing else can.  Next time you need a little pick-me-up, check out one of my all time favorites:

This little girl isn’t the nicest playmate, but i dare you not to laugh

Jumping.on.the.bed.  SQUEE

I literally can’t *not* laugh at this little dude


And lastly….

That’ll do pig…that’ll do.


  1. Cory Pelc

    I love Buttermilk so much . . .

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