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Awesomesauce- Lifehacker

Laura Mego

It’s time.  I need to tell you my biggest secret. I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it! … with Lifehacker. Why, you ask?  I thought you never would …

Simply put, Lifehacker solves all of my first-world problems (even if I didn’t know I had them.)  Wallet too fat since you carry around too much cash? There’s a hack for that! Brewed your coffee hot, but now you want iced coffee? There’s a post about the quickest way to cool it down in a hurry. Bored at work on a Friday afternoon? Get a new job … sorry, check out this post for some ways to stay motivated and make sure you’re doing what you get paid for.

In all seriousness, there are some very interesting, cheap, and cool hacks to be found on the site. For example, this post about how to reset your internal body clock and get better sleep, and this one for holding nails with a bobby pin to keep from smashing your fingers with a hammer (GENIUS!) Basically, if there is anything in your life that can be upgraded, changed, reworked, reused, etc to make it better, Lifehacker has written about it.

One of the best (and I think most overlooked) features of Lifehacker is the community. Readers and contributors are VERY engaged with the site, and you’ll usually find some of the best advice on the website not in the content, but in the comments section. One of my favorites right now is this post about quick and easy meals. The post itself was pretty sparse on suggestions, but the comments section is a GOLDMINE of information, and has changed the way I think about weeknight dinners for the forseeable future.

Check them out yourself over at, Twitter, Facebook and (of course!) Pinterest.

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