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Awesomesauce Double Helping- Cooking Comically and Thug Kitchen

Awesomesauce Double Helping- Cooking Comically and Thug Kitchen
Laura Mego

While I LOVE most typical food blogs (really, what else is Pinterest for, besides clicking on a recipe and then falling down a rabbit hole in the internet and reading about every fatteningly delicious looking dish that blogger has ever made?) they can tend to get a little cookie cutter (“Hi, I’m Jennifer/Sally/Sandy, a stay-at-home mother of two ADORABLE munchkins, and I love to cook!”) That’s why I find both of the below food blogs so entertaining- they’re SO not in that mold.  (Fair warning, there is some, uh, *salty* language to follow…)

Cooking Comically

This is a food blog in comic book form, drawn by the hysterical and talented Tyler Capps.  The premise: cheap, easy, and delicious recipes in a visual format, accented by stick figures showing you what to do.  Most of the recipes on the site show a basic photo of the finished product and a few photos of the ingredients and/or the process shots, and then our friend the stick figure does the rest of the talking.  This is really one that you’re just going to have to see to truly appreciate- check out his website here, including the Chili recipe that started it all.  Also, he has a cookbook coming out soon, which, based solely on the “Frequently Bought Together” portion of the cookbook’s Amazon page, looks like a nerd’s dream come true.

(p.s.- He makes Arrested Development jokes in his comics, which automatically makes him awesome.)

Thug Kitchen

If Cooking Comically is your hilariously geeky little brother, Thug Kitchen is your way-too-cool-for-school older cousin who lives in that newly-gentrified neighborhood that you’re barely brave enough to set foot in.  Boasting a somewhat more colorful vocabulary (this is the blog your mother warned you about) and with a focus on a healthful and (mostly) plant-based diet, the author is an unknown.  The FAQ about the blog is hilariously thug, however, as are the image-based recipes. The delight comes in the juxtaposition of the thug tongued instructions for the Martha-Stewart-esqe recipes that are featured- think this “Motherf*cking Lavender Lemonade” or this “Agua F*ckin Fresca

ThugKitchen just got a book deal as well, so show them some preorder love, too, if you’re interested.


  1. Jason

    Thug Kitchen is amazing!

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