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Roundtable Discussion | Homecoming

Ohio University Homecoming 2012
Lindsay Krumel

This past weekend was Homecoming Weekend at my alma mater, Ohio University. We may not be big on football, but we are big on fun! Friday night everyone’s just getting into town, so naturally everyone meets at the bars. And I’m talking EVERYONE. There were lines 20-30 people deep just to get in! Even the university’s drumline makes an appearance! Saturday morning the bars open around 7 for kegs & eggs, the parade is at 10 (my favorite part of which is the alumni band pictured above), and then it’s time to tailgate. Or go to the bars. The football game is usually mid-afternoon, and if anyone goes, they pretty much stay until halftime, and then…yep, you guessed it, they go to the bars. Homecoming in Athens is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. People fly in from all over the country, some from all over the world, just to be back here for this one weekend, so I was curious to find out what Homecoming is like at other schools. I think the number of responses I got speaks for itself, but let’s go ahead and see what our staff had to say in this week’s Roundtable Discussion.

Katelyn Pelak

I went to Michigan and since Michigan is such a big football school (or at least it was, until this year…) our Homecoming is completely overshadowed by any of the big rivalries that are home games. I usually try to make it back for a big football game, but it almost never coincides with Homecoming weekend. I’d say most of my Wolverine friends have the same experience. Go Blue!

Chelsea Mitchell

I went to University of Denver where no one has any school spirit and homecoming is for our hockey team. I celebrated by becoming homecoming queen! Seriously, this is not a joke, I was homecoming queen. Even though no one else cared, it was the best moment of my life. As for homecoming celebrations at real schools, I would go party at Mizzou every year (I’m from Missouri). Drinking started at 8 am and continued throughout the night…it was amazing.

Stacey Goers

I went to Miami with Tristan and many other folks. I went back the first homecoming weekend after we graduated and it was fantastic — fall foliage in the Midwest, running around seeing all my friends who now lived all across the country. But after that, reunions became more intimate and more about the people. The place still matters immensely, but seeing friends in different cities is a better “homecoming” each and every year.

Brady Akers

I went to Ball State and sports weren’t ever a big draw for students or alumni. I haven’t been to homecoming since I moved out to Colorado but I would like to go back next year. It is a great opportunity to meet up with all my college friends and fraternity brothers in one take.

Danny King

I went to University of Iowa. Homecoming was big for the fraternity/sorority set but that was about it (it’s usually a weak game as well so you can win. I swear we played Indiana every time but that’s impossible). I think there was a parade but I never saw it. Then again, I’ve been to more Michigan games than Iowa because I could never get over my hangover in time for 11 am starts.


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