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Pop Culture Week in Review | February 28-March 6

Pop Culture Week in Review | February 28-March 6

February doldrums are over, everyone! Here we are in March. Summer blockbusters are around the corner. Many great TV shows return in the next couple months (lookin’ at you, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and Veep)… it’s getting warmer here in LA (sorry, everywhere else in America). It’s reason to celebrate!

Anyway… let’s get started with this pop culture week in review!

Han Solo Harrison Ford Survived a Plane Crash

Really nothing funny about this, despite all the Chewbacca/Kessel Run/Indiana Jones jokes people (me) might want to make. The good news is, Harrison Ford is okay. He was flying a WWII-era plane in Santa Monica, CA on Thursday, when the engine apparently stalled shortly after takeoff. He crash-landed on a nearby golf course, receiving lacerations and other injuries in the process. Ford was treated on-site and then taken to a hospital, where his son tweeted that he was doing well.

So we at PorchDrinking are sending you our best, Harrison Ford… get well soon.

HBO Announced its Stand-Alone Streaming Service

You know how your roommate/co-worker/significant other gave you their HBO Go login a few years ago, and after experiencing how awesome that app is, you said to yourself, “Wow, I would pay for this if I didn’t have to buy cable with it!”

Well, HBO has called your bluff, and their stand-alone streaming service, HBO Now, will be available next month. It’s $15/month. So for 50 cents a day, you can FINALLY catch up on “The Wire” after years of being told it’s the best show in the history of television.

Netflix Gave You Tons of TV to Watch

Meanwhile, over at the Netflix offices, the staff was much too busy to worry about HBO Now stepping on their awesome-content-on-a-digital-platform territory. Last Friday, House of Cards season 3 launched on Netflix (check out the PorchDrinking staff drinking game here!). And this week, season one of “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” premiered.

If you’re unfamiliar with the premise of Kimmy Schmidt, here ya go. Kimmy Schmidt was part of a doomsday-prepper group of women in Indiana known as “mole women” when they were discovered in the not-post-acopalypse real world. So Kimmy finds herself in New York City, getting used to a world she thought was over. The show is receiving great reviews, and Ellie Kemper (Erin from “The Office”) is perfect for the role. Icing on the cake: this show is the brain-child of Tina Fey.

There go your weekend plans.

Mumford and Sons are Doing Another (Electric) Album

Personal bias on this one. Y’all might not care. But this week, Mumford & Sons announced that they’ll be releasing the third album, “Wilder Mind,” on May 4th. It’s their first album since “Babel” two years ago, and the band surprised some people by revealing they’ll have a new sound this time around. Think electric guitars, keyboards, and drum kits, NOT the banjos, stand-up bass, and kickdrums we’ve been used to.

I know he’s kidding, but it’s totally true.

Conan Did an Episode from Cuba

Conan O’Brien made a bit of history by doing a full episode of his TBS late-night show chronicling his trip to Cuba, where he did taped remote segments (considered by some to be Conan’s best material). A highlight is below, and the full episode is on

Another “Avengers” Trailer Dropped

Just to sate nerds’ appetites before the May 1 release of the movie. This is a tease for me, as one of the prevailing reasons I’ll be seeing this movie in theaters is the full-length “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailers we’ll see before “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

Just want to repeat: Get well soon, Harrison Ford.

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