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This Is Not Magic Hat #thisisnotmagichat

PD notmagichat

We found out earlier this week that there has been quite a bit of confusion over the interpretation of some of Magic Hat Brewing Company’s products.  Willie’s in Lexington, Kentucky decided to don their good samaritain cap and ensure that there were no further confusions over product branding. Thanks to Facebook user Collin Wallace for posting this picture.


It’s debatable whetheThisisnot Williesr or not Magic Hat might be misconstrued for a number of every day things, so just to make sure we thought we’d do our part to also educate the masses.  If you would like to contribute to our #thisisnotmagichat campaign feel free to do so on our Facebook page or hit us up on Twitter @PorchDrinkingCO and use #thisisnotmagichat. We’ll share the best that YOU come up with so get creative! This is, this is not magic hat. Photos created by staff graphic designer Natalie O’Connor.



1. This is Magician David Blaine #thisisnotmagichat

#thisisnotmagichat David Blaine

2. This is Magic the Gathering #thisisnotmagichat

#thisisnotmagichat Magic Gathering


3. This is a lady with a ridiculous hat, though they’re both ridiculous #thisisnotmagichat

#thisisnotmagichat weird hat


4. This is the Cat in the Hat. Childish yes, but #thisisnotmagichat

#thisisnotmagichat cat in the hat


5. This is Magic Johnson wearing a hat closer but still #thisisnotmagichat

Magic Johnson hat







6. This is a magical hat however #thisisnotmagichat

sorting hat

7. This is an Orlando Magic Hat, so close yet #thisisnotmagichat

orlando magic


8. This is West Sixth Brewing Company, clearly #thisisnotmagichat

West 6th Brewing Company


9. This is the state of Kentucky #thisisnotmagichat



10. This is #thisisnotmagichat

PD notmagichat


  1. Drew

    What about this? It’s an image of the Magi chatting with the new baby Jesus.
    Is this MagiChat?

    • Erin Russell


      Can we get a post of something involving “iChat”? Also, clearly #thisisnotmagichat

  2. Eric

    Actually #8 is awfully similar to Magic Hat, but thanks to the hashtag #thisisnotmagichat I’m no longer confused.

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