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Awesomesauce- #myfriendsaremarried

Awesomesauce- #myfriendsaremarried
Laura Mego

Being the old, married person that I am, my newest Tumblr obsession may seem a bit odd to you, but bear with me.  We are all familiar with the standard GIF Tumblr layout by now, I’m sure (if for some reason you aren’t, go check out this one and this one right now.  We’ll wait until you get back…) Basically, the author gives a scenario, and then presents the reader with a GIF that mirrors their reaction to the situation.  For example, this, this and this.

My current favorite of the genre is a Tumblr titled #myfriendsaremarried.  A young single woman narrates how she navigates that awkward age when everyone you know is getting married, and you’re just 25 and drunk (no really, that is her GENIUS tagline!)  The fantastic thing is that the Tumblr can be useful for everyone: for those getting married (or having a baby, or the parents of a single, drunk 25 year old) it is a lesson in what NOT to say to your friend/daughter/roommate:  things like this and this.  For those that ARE 25 and drunk, it’s a study in all of the passive aggressive and sometimes disgusting things that your friends/well-meaning colleagues/parents say to you on a regular basis.

Go check it out now, have a laugh (or 10) and learn a valuable lesson about the things that are NEVER OK to share on Facebook.

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