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PorchDrinking Playlist | Why’d You Have to Make It Weird?

make it weird
Dan Bortz

Your social awkwardness has never done you any favors. In school, you were a wallflower and too scared to ask someone to dance. The cool kids and their brazen self-confidence make you unsure of yourself in conversation, as you try to put on an air of coolness for their benefit. Even the best of us have gotten nervous and spurted out word vomit, which inevitably elicits the question, “Why’d you have to make it weird?”

To drag us out of our funk, sometimes it takes someone even weirder than ourselves. Such a strange role model does exist, and he has proven that owning your weirdness, nerdiness and awkwardness can be the keys to success. He can make it weird in the possible best way. Submitted for your approval is a selection of the silliest songs ever conceived, most of which have pop culture references that only a true weirdo will appreciate. Each song crafted by a singular comedic genius: “Weird Al” Yankovic.

Don’t worry. Deep down, we all know that “indoor” kids know how to have fun. Let your geek flag fly and you will lead a fuller, funnier life than the “popular” kids ever will!

Prepare to make it weird.

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