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About- Erin Petrey

Erin Petrey

Erin Petrey

Born and raised in Kentucky, Erin has made her way across the world (living in Spain, Korea, and beyond) and finally settled in Washington, DC. Erin is a self-professed International Affairs and Sci-Fi geek, but also makes ample time to appreciate the hoppiest of beers and the smoothest of Bourbons. She firmly believes that brunch is a legitimate hobby and Kentucky basketball is the greatest tradition in college sports.

Posts By Erin Petrey

Sixpoint Brewery – Resin

January 22, 2013 |

ABV – 9.1%

IBU – 103

Upon cracking the top of this slender, green can, the snappy scent wafts up to warn the drinker: this is no lager. The first taste is a bit of a shock – though the carbonation is fairly mild – and this beer lets you know precisely what 103 IBU means. However, once a few more sips pass over your palate, Sixpoint Brewery Resin‘s zesty bitter grapefruit juice flavor begins to shine through. This is the beer I buy to take to a party, and upon arriving, proceed to hide it in the back of the fridge so I’m not forced to share. Read More