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Head Hunter IPA | Fat Head’s Brewery

May 12, 2015 | 1

Cleveland, Ohio. A city that, throughout time, has developed a number of monikers – The Mistake by the Lake, The Forest City, The North Coast. But it’s Cleveland’s most recent nickname that has perked the ears of beer lovers across the country: The Best Beer City in America, according to Huffington Post’s Amy Plitt. Though the title may be up for debate (here’s looking at you, Denver and Portland), Cleveland has certainly made its presence known in the craft beer world. With Great Lakes Brewing Company, arguably the most renowned brewery in the area, leading the charge with its award-winning lineup, it’s the smaller, up-and-coming breweries that are excelling in buttressing Cleveland’s newfound reputation. With names like Nano, Platform, and Market Garden standing out among locals, it’s Fat Head’s, and their sterling Head Hunter IPA, who continue the city’s surge to craft beer notoriety.

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