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Pop Culture Week in Review February 7-13 | This will (maybe) BLOW YOUR MIND

February 13, 2015 |

Sorry for the click-bait title. It was tongue-in-cheek. But in nearly 3 years of doing these pop culture week in review posts for PorchDrinking, I’ve noticed that a lot of weeks are very hum-drum… I go through the motions to make the Hollywood news seem sort of funny or moderately interesting. Other weeks, I can’t contain how many stories come out that resonate deeply within me and other pop culture nerds.

This week is the latter. TONS of stuff happened this week that I could barely believe. Let’s get into it. It’s the POP CULTURE WEEK IN REVIEW THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE (results may vary)!!!!! Read More

Pop Culture Week In Review Feb. 1 – 7

February 7, 2014 |

It’s been said that all substances lower the quality of your writing, but heighten your opinion of it. If that’s the case, by the time I finish this article, I’ll swear it’s my magnum opus.

Not from anything illegal, mind you, but from that most auspicious of beverages: beer. That’s what you get when founder Tristan Chan shows up in your city and hops from brewery to brewery with you in tow. It’s when you get to taste brews named “Clown Tears,” “Quaff on Hare Trigger” and “Kono Koko” while sharing conversations and laughs with a group of people you just met. But I can’t think of a better way to end my PorchDrinking hiatus than with a night like that.

Read More

Pop Culture Week in Review 8/30-9/6

September 6, 2013 | 1

True Blood will end at seven seasons

I’m going to be honest with you bro- I jumped off TB when Sookie was suddenly a [SPOILER KIND OF] fairy.  I was … Read More

Pop Culture Week in Review 3/2-3/8

March 8, 2013 | 4

Hi. I think we all know there’s really only one thing I want to talk about, but for the sake of trying to pretend to care about other people’s interests, let’s get some other things first. Read More