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TRVE Acid Temple Opening Celebrated With Bottle Release

July 2, 2015 |

This Friday, July 3rd, Denver’s TRVE Brewing Company will release bottles of Life’s Trade, a complex saison fermented with multiple yeast strains in puncheons and blended before bottling. Named after a Samothrace album, this beer is the first brewed in their new brewery and barrelhouse, the Acid Temple.

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3 Floyds | Permanent Funeral

April 9, 2014 |

The wolf inside this pale ale is trying to walk upright. This bright and aromatic beer was brewed with our friends in the band Pig Destroyer. Using some minimal marketing speak that could be surmised to posit that even with the first sip, 3 Floyds Permanent Funeral is a werewolf of a beer makes you want to howl at the moon, party your face off and surf on top of your buddies van! I will agree with that 3 Floyds marketing team!

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The Ultimate 6er – The Beers of Metal

April 17, 2013 |

Please stop! I know the sound of beer cans smashing against the human skull is an invigorating sonic sensation but, I must digress, I’m not talking about the kind of beers you drink straight-from-the-can in a dark alley before the AC/DC metal show. I’m talking about the brews that make the true metalhead feel like a Viking rowing a giant battleship into war!

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