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Funkwerks Brewery | Nelson Sauvin Saison

January 9, 2015 |

ABV 7.5%
15 IBU
For a bright, cheery companion to our (faux) Turkey and savory side dishes this past holiday season, we looked no further than the Funkwerks Nelson Sauvin Saison that had been chilling in the back of the refrigerator for two weeks. It seemed the obvious choice – for one, the label boasted contents that “blur the line between wine and beer”, which seemed appropriately classy, and two, the gargantuan 750 ml Funkwerks bottle was leaving zero room for Thanksgiving groceries.

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Wild Woods Brewery: Jake vs. Erin

March 15, 2013 |

Wild Woods Brewery is one of my new favorite places in Boulder. In my initial visits to the brewery, I was very impressed with their six core beers (check out the review). But when the opportunity presents itself, I must try the small batch options. In my most recent trip, both Erin and Jake brewed Pale Ales individually and each showcase a different single hop variety. I got to try both beers head-to-head and here are the results of Jake vs. Erin. Read More