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Odell Small Batch Festival 2023 | 16 Years In and Still Shining

June 5, 2023 |

The Odell Small Batch Festival, hosted by Odell Brewing Company, wisely stamped “RAIN OR SHINE” on all invitations and tickets for their June 3rd event this past weekend. A testament to their many years in Fort Collins, Colorado, they knew they were taking a gamble on hosting an outdoor beer festival during the unpredictable early summer weather of the mountains. But that gamble paid off: this year’s Small Batch Festival was arguably the best that Odell has ever hosted. And yes, it rained.

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Odell Brewing Co. Celebrates Grand Opening of OBC Wine Project

May 5, 2021 |

“Less snobby, more sippy.”

This is the mantra of OBC Wine Project, Odell Brewing Co.’s latest adventure of craft and creativity. Though cans of their wine have already hit distribution across Colorado and several other states, May 5 marked the official opening of their tasting room and patio located directly across from the well-known brewpub in Fort Collins, Colorado. And when we say directly, we mean directly: it takes about a dozen steps from Odell Brewing Co.’s famous patio stage to the front door of the OBC Wine Project. But despite this proximity, upon entering it is immediately clear that a great deal of thoughtful effort went into carving this space its own personality.
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