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12 Beers of Christmas | Day 8: Avery Old Jubilation Ale

December 21, 2013 |

ABV: 8.3% | IBU: 45

Everyone has their favorite local watering hole. Because Avery Brewing Company is my local watering hole I am generally biased towards their beers. Their holiday seasonal is not only delicious, but unique to other breweries winter seasonals in that it is one of the most quaffable of the holiday ales I have had. I can easily get through two or three pints without feeling like I was pouring cinnamon and cloves on my tongue. With no spice additions or other adjunct ingredients, Avery puts their twist on a holiday ale with their Old Jubilation Ale. Read More

Ultimate 6er – Winter Warmers

January 16, 2013 |

The mercury isn’t just low in the chamber, it has actually frozen. It’s the middle of January, and it is bitter, bitter cold outside. So how in the world will you make it through the winter if you can’t hang out on your porch? By staying inside where there is heat and drinking some winter warmers, of course!

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