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Golden Road Brewing on “Workaholics”

March 13, 2014 | 1

This week, two of my favorite things collided: “Workaholics,” the Comedy Central show about three slackers who live together in LA, and Golden Road Brewing, the fast-rising and absolutely amazing craft brewery from LA. The “Beer Heist” episode (season 4, episode 8) found Adam, Ders, and Blake trying to impress some young co-eds by stealing them beer. Hilarity, of course, ensued. So did the very first TV product placement that I actually enjoyed watching.

Backstory/full disclosure: I’ve showcased Golden Road here on before. I love the place. It ships its beers in cans, it’s only a few years old, and already it’s one of the hippest and most sought-after craft beers in Los Angeles. True story: I started shopping at Whole Foods because they have a wider variety of Golden Road beers on their shelves. It’s that great.

Anyway… PorchDrinking was founded on the principle of telling stories of friends who have adventures over great beer. This week’s “Workaholics” was just that. Let’s recap. Read More