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PorchDrinking Fantasy Football Draft Recap

PorchDrinking Fantasy Football Draft Recap
Mike Rucki

Thank you to everyone for stopping by to read the draft recap for the inaugural fantasy football league.  Along with a pick-by-pick breakdown of every round, I’ve also included a brief snippet of analysis behind why I made the selection I did.  There also may be a snide remark mocking my fellow owners for their poorly made decisions.  On a rare occasion, I might even dole out some praise.  Be sure to check back weekly to see a quick breakdown on the previous week’s match-ups as well as some recommendations I have for the upcoming weekend’s matchups.  Good luck and good drinking!

Round 1

Arian Foster                        Hou – RB                  Warm Beer Cold Woman
Ray Rice                               Bal – RB                    Varsity Oscar Blues
LeSean McCoy                  Phi – RB                    GD’s Samurai
Aaron Rodgers                  GB – QB                   3.2 point conversion
Tom Brady                      NE – QB                 Pliny the Winner
Calvin Johnson                Det – WR                 Brooklyn Brewery
Darren McFadden           Oak – RB                  Barnyard Roysters
Chris Johnson                  Ten – RB                  The Yeti
Larry Fitzgerald               Ari – WR                   Hop Ryot
Drew Brees                        NO – QB                   Old Raspies

Analysis:  No real surprises here.  I was holding out thin hope that one of the top three running backs would somehow fall to me at #5, but there no was such luck.  Tom Brady is certainly a fine consolation prize, however, as I expect him to come close to repeating last year’s performance with even better tools on offense compared to 2011.

Round 2

Jamaal Charles                  KC – RB                     Old Raspies
Rob Gronkowski               NE – TE                     Hop Ryot
Matt Forte                          Chi – RB                    The Yeti
Jimmy Graham                  NO – TE                    Barnyard Roysters
Marshawn Lynch              Sea – RB                   Brooklyn Brewery
Julio Jones                      Atl – WR                  Pliny the Winner
DeMarco Murray             Dal – RB                    3.2 point conversion
Matthew Stafford             Det – QB                  GD’s Samurai
Maurice Jones-Drew      Jac – RB                    Varsity Oscar Blues
A.J. Green                           Cin – WR                  Warm Beer Cold Woman

Analysis:  I nearly went running back with my second pick, but instead chose to go with Jones, who I feel has serious potential to emerge from this season as the top overall wide receiver.  I was a bit surprised to see Jamaal Charles go where he did, but in a PPR league, Charles is one of those guys that can still deliver big numbers even when sharing touches.

Round 3

Cam Newton                     Car – QB                   Warm Beer Cold Woman
Victor Cruz                          NYG – WR               Varsity Oscar Blues
Brandon Marshall            Chi – WR                  GD’s Samurai
Steven Jackson                 StL – RB                    3.2 point conversion
Ryan Mathews              SD – RB                     Pliny the Winner
Roddy White                      Atl – WR                   Brooklyn Brewery
Andre Johnson                 Hou – WR                Barnyard Roysters
Ahmad Bradshaw            NYG – RB                 The Yeti
Eli Manning                         NYG – QB                Hop Ryot
Fred Jackson                      Buf – RB                  Old Raspies

Analysis:  It was time to take a running back and Ryan Mathews was a no brainer.  Before his injury, Mathews was being taken in the top five overall and projected for a huge season.  Once healed, a broken collarbone isn’t an injury likely to linger and I expect to get first round caliber performances from him for 80% of the season.  Surprising to see Andre Johnson go this late.  I’m not a huge fan considering his injury history and low touchdown numbers over his career, but he carries a big name and watching him go as the 8th WR off the board seems like great value.

Round 4

Wes Welker                       NE – WR                   Old Raspies
Greg Jennings                   GB – WR                  Hop Ryot
Jordy Nelson                      GB – WR                  The Yeti
Adrian Peterson               Min – RB                  Barnyard Roysters
Trent Richardson              Cle – RB                    Brooklyn Brewery
Doug Martin                   TB – RB                     Pliny the Winner
Steve Smith                        Car – WR                  3.2 point conversion
Michael Turner                 Atl – RB                    GD’s Samurai
Mike Wallace                     Pit – WR                   Varsity Oscar Blues
Percy Harvin                       Min – WR                Warm Beer Cold Woman

Analysis:  Wanting to grab a 2nd running back before I was left scraping the bottom of the barrel, I took Doug Martin and the enormous potential he carries.  Wrestling away the starting job from LaGarette Blount during the preseason, I don’t expect Martin to relinquish his spot atop the depth chart anytime soon.  The depth at WR this season continues to shock me when I look through the names going in the 4th round.  Every single one of these guys could end up in the top 5 at their position this season, if not all of them.

Round 5

Hakeem Nicks                  NYG – WR               Warm Beer Cold Woman
Marques Colston             NO – WR                  Varsity Oscar Blues
Reggie Bush                       Mia – RB                  GD’s Samurai
Dez Bryant                         Dal – WR                  3.2 point conversion
Brandon Lloyd            NE – WR                  Pliny the Winner
Jeremy Maclin                 Phi – WR                  Brooklyn Brewery
Miles Austin                      Dal – WR                  Barnyard Roysters
Antonio Brown                 Pit – WR                   The Yeti
Frank Gore                         SF – RB                     Hop Ryot
Dwayne Bowe                   KC – WR                   Old Raspies

Analysis:  I was crossing my fingers that Percy Harvin would drop to me here, but considering our league’s bonus points for 40+ yard receptions ad touchdowns, Brandon Lloyd has some major big play potential.  When the situation is right, I like to pair up a quarterback with his big play receiving target and this situation is right.  Oh so very right.

Round 6

Darren Sproles                  NO – RB                   Old Raspies
Willis McGahee                 Den – RB                  Hop Ryot
Eric Decker                          Den – WR                The Yeti
Matt Ryan                           Atl – QB                    Barnyard Roysters
Antonio Gates                   SD – TE                     Brooklyn Brewery
Aaron Hernandez       NE – TE                     Pliny the Winner
Demaryius Thomas         Den – WR                3.2 point conversion
Stevie Johnson                 Buf – WR                 GD’s Samurai
Peyton Manning              Den – QB                 Varsity Oscar Blues
Vernon Davis                     SF – TE                      Warm Beer Cold Woman

Analysis:  Snake drafts have the tendency to crush your soul and watching Antonio Gates slip away right before my pick was no exception.  Not that I’m disappointed with Aaron Hernandez, but I certainly didn’t set out to have three New England Patriots in my starting lineup.  Considering how prolific their offense can be, however, I suppose there are worse situations to be in.  Great value for Roysters here with Matt Ryan, as I believe he will be this year’s Matthew Stafford.

Round 7

San Francisco                     SF – DEF                   Warm Beer Cold Woman
Jermichael Finley             GB – TE                     Varsity Oscar Blues
DeSean Jackson                Phi – WR                  GD’s Samurai
Greg Olsen                         Car – TE                    3.2 point conversion
Peyton Hillis                  KC – RB                     Pliny the Winner
Michael Vick                       Phi – QB                   Brooklyn Brewery
Kevin Smith                        Det – RB                   Barnyard Roysters
Donald Brown                   Ind – RB                   The Yeti
Vincent Jackson                TB – WR                   Hop Ryot
Kenny Britt                         Ten – WR                 Old Raspies

Analysis:  Needing a starting RB until Mathews comes back as well as a flex option for the weeks that follow, Peyton Hillis and his nose for the endzone fit the bill perfectly.  Kansas City likes to run, a lot, and I expect both Charles and Hillis to see the ball 12-18 times per game.  The differences is that Hillis will get most of the looks in the redzone and my weekly points should feel the benefit of this situation. 

Round 8

Jason Witten                      Dal – TE                    Old Raspies
BenJarvus Green-Ellis    Cin – RB                    Hop Ryot
Pierre Garcon                    Was – WR                The Yeti
Darrius Heyward-Bey     Oak – WR                Barnyard Roysters
Chicago                                Chi – DEF                 Brooklyn Brewery
Cedric Benson               GB – RB                    Pliny the Winner
Jacquizz Rodgers              Atl – RB                    3.2 point conversion
Robert Griffin III               Was – QB                 GD’s Samurai
Shonn Greene                    NYJ – RB                   Varsity Oscar Blues
Sebastian Janikowski      Oak – K                     Warm Beer Cold Woman

Analysis:  Figuring that it was worth gambling at this point, with all of my starting lineups’ positions filled, I, like the Green Bay Packers, decided to give Cedric Benson a shot.  There is almost no competition for him and his teammates haven’t stopped singing his praises since he showed up to camp.  I expect a lot of garbage yards for Ced while the Packers are running time out on their many victories.  Oh, and for those of you wondering, yes, it is far too early to start picking kickers.  Tsk tsk.

Round 9

Jonathan Stewart            Car – RB                   Warm Beer Cold Woman
Reggie Wayne                   Ind – WR                  Varsity Oscar Blues
Stevan Ridley                     NE – RB                    GD’s Samurai
Torrey Smith                      Bal – WR                  3.2 point conversion
Tony Romo                     Dal – QB                   Pliny the Winner
David Akers                        SF – K                        Brooklyn Brewery
Evan Royster                      Was – RB                 Barnyard Roysters
Ryan Williams                   Ari – RB                    The Yeti
Robert Meachem               SD – WR                   Hop Ryot
Fred Davis                           Was – TE                  Old Raspies

Analysis:  And now things start getting interesting.  This is the part of the draft in which seasons are won and lost, as those who gamble and win can ride a lucky payoff to their league’s championship.  I decided to go in a slightly different direction and grab Romo to stash on my bench, waiting for someone’s starting quarterback to go down with injury.  It’s not a move that immediately pays off, but getting a top 8 player at their position that I can dangle in front of someone in need will pay dividends when the time comes.  And yes, round 9 is still too early for kickers.

Round 10

Philip Rivers                        SD – QB                    Old Raspies
Mike Nugent                       Cin – K                      Hop Ryot
Jay Cutler                            Chi – QB                   The Yeti
Randy Moss                        SF – WR                    Barnyard Roysters
Ben Roethlisberger          Pit – QB                    Brooklyn Brewery
Justin Blackmon         Jac – WR                  Pliny the Winner
Roy Helu                              Was – RB                 3.2 point conversion
Green Bay                            GB – DEF                  GD’s Samurai
Beanie Wells                       Ari – RB                    Varsity Oscar Blues
Andrew Luck                      Ind – QB                   Warm Beer Cold Woman

Analysis:  We at never condone driving under the influence, ever, no matter what.  That said, I do endorse Justin Blackmon’s ability to catch the ball and run with it.  This internal conflict between victory and morality was a tough struggle, but I feel like Blackmon feels real remorse for his actions and am willing to give him a second chance.  And seriously, what is up with the kickers?

Round 11

Seattle                                  Sea – DEF                Warm Beer Cold Woman
C.J. Spiller                            Buf – RB                   Varsity Oscar Blues
Jacob Tamme                    Den – TE                  GD’s Samurai
DeAngelo Williams          Car – RB                   3.2 point conversion
Anquan Boldin             Bal – WR                  Pliny the Winner
Denarius Moore               Oak – WR                Brooklyn Brewery
Matt Schaub                      Hou – QB                 Barnyard Roysters
Titus Young                         Det – WR                 The Yeti
Josh Freeman                    TB – QB                    Hop Ryot
Houston                               Hou – DEF               Old Raspies

Analysis:  Baltimore is finally loosening the reins on Joe Flacco and the rest of their offense and I expect Boldin to shine in that situation.  They have been extremely successful in running a no-huddle offense during the preseason and Boldin has the chops to put together a 90-100 reception season.  This is the year that the Ravens see the return on their investment in Anquan.

Round 12

Danny Amendola             StL – WR                  Old Raspies
Malcom Floyd                    SD – WR                   Hop Ryot
Ben Tate                              Hou – RB                  The Yeti
Denver                                 Den – DEF               Barnyard Roysters
Rashad Jennings               Jac – RB                    Brooklyn Brewery
Brandon Pettigrew     Det – TE                   Pliny the Winner
Nate Washington             Ten – WR                 3.2 point conversion
Rashard Mendenhall      Pit – RB                     GD’s Samurai
Baltimore                            Bal – DEF                  Varsity Oscar Blues
Mason Crosby                   GB – K                       Warm Beer Cold Woman

Analysis:  Brandon Pettigrew may not have the athleticism of some of his contemporaries, but what he does have, is the eye and trust of his quarterback in a pass-heavy offense.  With Megatron attracting all of the attention, I expect his reception and yardage numbers to mirror last year’s performance with a slight uptick in touchdowns.  Having that kind of output available to slide into the flex and fill in for bye weeks is what ekes out midseason victories.

Round 13

Greg Little                           Cle – WR                  Warm Beer Cold Woman
Isaac Redman                    Pit – RB                     Varsity Oscar Blues
Stephen Gostkowski       NE – K                       GD’s Samurai
Eddie Royal                         SD – WR                   3.2 point conversion
Philadelphia                   Phi – DEF                 Pliny the Winner
Mike Williams                    TB – WR                   Brooklyn Brewery
Jason Hanson                    Det – K                     Barnyard Roysters
Russell Wilson                   Sea – QB                  The Yeti
Pittsburgh                           Pit – DEF                  Hop Ryot
David Wilson                      NYG – RB                 Old Raspies

Analysis:  With the draft getting down to the final rounds, I felt it was time to grab my defense/special teams unit.  Everyone seems to forget about the talent that the Eagles have on that side of the football and that team chemistry isn’t built overnight.  Not only have they had a season to form a more cohesive unit, but they brought in even more talent over the offseason.  Add that to a re-motivated DeSean Jackson returning kicks and you have an explosive unit capable of putting up huge numbers any week.

Round 14

Mark Ingram                      NO – RB                   Old Raspies
Michael Bush                     Chi – RB                    Hop Ryot
Tony Gonzalez                  Atl – TE                     The Yeti
Owen Daniels                    Hou – TE                  Barnyard Roysters
Jermaine Gresham          Cin – TE                    Brooklyn Brewery
Ronnie Brown              SD – RB                     Pliny the Winner
Matt Prater                        Den – K                    3.2 point conversion
Santonio Holmes              NYJ – WR                 GD’s Samurai
Pierre Thomas                   NO – RB                   Varsity Oscar Blues
Toby Gerhart                     Min – RB                  Warm Beer Cold Woman

Analysis:  With Mathews out for a week or two, it seemed worthwhile to grab his fill-in while he’s sidelined.  I don’t expect a ton of output from Brown, heck, I’m not even sure he’ll see any time in my starting lineup, but if Mathews has complications getting back on the field, there were certainly no other starting running backs available at this point in the draft.  LOVE the value that Yeti got with Tony Gonzalez.  As I mentioned before, the Falcons offense is due for big things this season and, while Gonzo isn’t the player he’s been in the past, he’s certainly still capable of contributing more than his fair share.

Round 15

Sidney Rice                         Sea – WR                 Warm Beer Cold Woman
Dan Bailey                           Dal – K                      Varsity Oscar Blues
Detroit                                  Det – DEF                GD’s Samurai
New England                     NE – DEF                  3.2 point conversion
Austin Collie                Ind – WR                 Pliny the Winner
New York                            NYG – DEF               Brooklyn Brewery
Michael Crabtree             SF – WR                    Barnyard Roysters
Rob Bironas                        Ten – K                     The Yeti
Kellen Winslow                 Sea – TE                   Hop Ryot
Brandon LaFell                  Car – WR                  Old Raspies

Analysis:  Collie never met a concussion he didn’t like, but before he got his cage rattled over and over again, he was a major, major contributor on the field.  Indianapolis didn’t draft Andrew Luck to watch him hand the ball off to Donald Brown more than is necessary to keep defenses honest, and I expect Collie to catch a ton of passes out of the slot.  In the 15th round of the draft, it’s all about rolling the dice and hoping they come up in your favor.

Round 16

Matt Bryant                        Atl – K                       Old Raspies
Lance Moore                     NO – WR                  Hop Ryot
Buffalo                                 Buf – DEF                 The Yeti
Nate Burleson                   Det – WR                 Barnyard Roysters
Robbie Gould                    Chi – K                      Brooklyn Brewery
Garrett Hartley             NO – K                      Pliny the Winner
Ronnie Hillman               Den – RB                  3.2 point conversion
Laurent Robinson            Jac – WR                  GD’s Samurai
Jahvid Best                         Det – RB                   Varsity Oscar Blues
Brent Celek                        Phi – TE                    Warm Beer Cold Woman

Analysis:  Ah the round of irrelevancy.  I supposed it was time to grab myself a kicker and lo and behold, the kicker of one of the most prolific offenses in the league is just sitting there, begging to be picked?  Most people forget about Hartley since he was injured last year, but I am not most people.  Considering New Orleans’ defensive “complications” as well as the fact that they play in a dome, Hartley should easily produce at the same level as those other kickers selected 8 rounds earlier.  Seriously, 8 rounds.  Mind: blown.

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