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Oktoberfest – Left Hand Brewing Company

Oktoberfest – Left Hand Brewing Company
Sonny Chan

ABV: 6.6%

IBU: 24

In my preparation for my stein raising trip to Munich for Oktoberfest, I wanted to have at least one local Märzen lager to compare with the brews offered in Germany. Since my favorite beer is Sam Adams version of Oktoberfest, I’ll try not to be biased. That being said, I am setting my sights on Left Hand Brewing’s Oktoberfest.

This brew has been aged with spices and malt to reach a dark amber appearance. It has a faint smell of malt, like it has been toasted. When you take a sip of this Märzen style lager, it will start off with the rich taste of malt with the company of caramel sweetness that is not too overpowering. You’ll also get small hints of spices and cinnamon, but it will leave you with a dry finish, slightly over carbonated.

Left Hand’s Oktoberfest is a pretty solid Märzen style lager. It is stronger than Sam Adams version and it has some great flavor. You might not be able to drink as many of these in comparison to Sam Adams but I would welcome this beer as a nice preparation for any Oktoberfest party. Prost!

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