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Roundtable Discussion: Our Favorite American Presidents

Roundtable Discussion: Our Favorite American Presidents

Thank goodness that election is over.  No more political ads, no more negativity.  And now we can come together as a nation and move forward.  However, we thought we’d finish on a good note by sharing our favorite American Presidents historically.  Our reasoning may not be the most sound…


Adam M: “Old Hickory” Andrew Jackson.  One of the most badass presidents of all time.  He challenged Charles Dickinson to a duel, let Dickinson chose the weapon, and let Dickinson shoot him first.  After being shot, Jackson slowly took aim and fatally shot Dickinson.  It’s said that Jackson was apart of 13 duels. Richard Lawrence tried to assassinate Jackson, when both of his pistols misfired.  Jackson then proceeded to take his hickory cane and beat Lawrence nearly to death. Jackson also said “I have only two regrets: I didn’t shoot Henry Clay and I didn’t hang John C. Calhoun.”  Clay was his main opposition for President and Calhoun was his Vice President.

A few other impressive presidential facts:
John Quincy Adams had a pet aligator in the White House.
Teddy Roosevelt was a boxing champion.
Vic: All time favorite president has to be Teddy Roosevelt. 1st off, he and the Rough Riders(Not DMX’s crew from the late 90’s) were complete bad-asses. See: . Then he also set up the National Park system. Also he rides atop mooses. See:
“Walk softly and carry a big stick.” – TR
Scott: I agree with Vic.
Nate: Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson of Parks and Rec fame) needs to play Teddy Roosevelt in a kickass biopic. Roosevelt was basically the Ron Swanson of his era.
Phil- Taft was my favorite president for three reasons:

1) He had a righteous mustache that anyone can aspire to.
2) He got stuck in the white house bath tub. He definitely exercised his social caste to its fullest and wined and dined. He was plump for sure.
3) I wrote a poster report on him in the 4th grade.
Phil: Mr. Troller informed me of the following: “Not to mention Taft was the first President ever to throw a ceremonial first pitch at a major league baseball game (not bad for a guy known for being the fattest President). And he was the only President ever to ALSO serve on the Supreme Court. AND he is one of only two Presidents buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

And most importantly, he’s from Cincinnati, OH, the greatest city in all of this great nation.” I agree to all of his awesomeness. The only thing that we can disagree on is that Cincinnati, OH is the greatest city in the nation. As shown through yesterday’s football game, Devner > Cincinnati (with maybe the exception of AJ Green who is awesome mostly because he is killing it on my fantasy team.) Go TAFT!
Lindsay: JFK, based purely on his stunning good looks. But Lincoln and FDR are up there on my list too.
Drew: One more thing. Legend says Taft also invented the seventh inning stretch after getting uncomfortable in his tiny chair and standing up to stretch his legs seven innings in. Everyone thought the President was leaving so out of respect they all stood up.

That’s the legend, anyway. Probably not true.
Katie C: Lincoln. Without him none of these Lincoln movies would be coming out this year. Oh yeah, I guess he was a good president too.
Phil: And anyone that is awesome enough to have Daniel Day Lewis act on their behalf says a lot about them. Chalk one up in the W column.
Laura M: My vote is for Benjamin Harrison since he went to my alma mater, Miami University- love and honor!
Coit: Gotta go with my boy, the #1, George Washington. From things I’ve read it sounds like he was a man among boys. He was so large, in fact, it would be as if Dwight Howard were running this country (In braun, not brains). He spent his childhood days cutting down cherry trees and telling the truth, a real man’s man. While in office he messed around and got an entire country started from the ground up, and after his tenure he named a college, a state, and the country’s capitol after himself**, what at bad-ass!

**Statement may be completely historically inaccurate.
All the years with the LK13 taught me only 1 thing: at the end of the day, the OG(W) of anything beats out any and all successors without question. GW for the W.

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