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Roundtable Discussion: What are you giving up for Lent?

pope benedict xvi

The Lenten holiday is upon us so we thought we’d find out just “what are you giving up for lent?”. As we found out yesterday, Nate will be giving up all other beverages besides water, so we asked our staff, what would be the absolute worst thing to have to give up for 40 days. Share your responses in the comments section below!

Scott: Beer.

Erin: I feel like email would be exceedingly difficult to give up. However, it may be awesome in regards to work. “No, I can’t check my email. I gave it up for Lent.” I don’t know how far the First Amendment could protect me, there.

Josh Buchanan: Internet

CVM: I would probably be a more productive writer/more social person if I gave up TV.  But whatever, those things are so overrated.

Phil: Shoes. And all forms of social media.

Scott: I’m giving up Facebook and Twitter for Lent. I tried this last year, and almost failed miserably. Now I realize that Facebook is like crack.

Sue: UK Basketball

Erin: Sue you take that back! That is bad mojo, especially with March right around the corner!

(This question was posed yesterday afternoon and because of Sue’s bad mojo Nerlens Noel tore his ACL… way to go Sue)

Nate: I AM giving up beer. And I am already regretting it.

Scott: I’d lose 20lbs if I didn’t drink beer, which would make me look emaciated. So I’m actually being more healthy by not giving up beer.

Jason: I am giving up the Papacy. I announced it yesterday morning. -JB XIX
Laura M: My Catholicism
Chris M: Coffee.  But according to dogma, Sundays during Lent don’t count; Lenten abstentions are not required on Lenten Sundays.
Lizzie: Diet Coke
Coit:  Gave up Subway last year. Went to Vegas for a tournament. Won some $$, asked a teammate to buy the team breakfast…she of course went with Subway. BUT it was on a Sunday! I was a little down on myself for breaking the code, or however you say it, I had never given up anything before and having to eat that Subway made me a sad panda. NO LONGER! Yay!!!!  Wish I knew about the Sunday rule this before I confessed….to a homeless man…
Josh B:

This is a pretty accurate description of how my lenten promises go if I don’t make it past the first day
Meghan: I’m still deciding….maybe it will take me 40 days to decide…
Coit: ^I see what you did there^

I’d have to go with coffee as the toughest thing to give up. In my mind it goes a little something like this:
No morning coffee–>0 morning work production–>0 afternoon production as well–>get fired–>begin sleeping in due to no morning wake up juice–>have WAY too much time on my hands–>more time to drink beer–>WINNING.
So maybe I should give it up?!?…hmmmm

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