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Walking Dead Game of Thrones and My Television Bloodlust

Walking Dead Game of Thrones and My Television Bloodlust

The season finale of Walking Dead and the season premiere of Game of Thrones made me realize some very disturbing things about myself. [MAJOR SPOILERS ON WALKING DEAD, GAME OF THRONES AND SONS OF ANARCHY]

A Lament for the Living

After watching the season finale of Walking Dead and the premiere of Game of Thrones, I said aloud after both episodes of television, “Well that was disappointing. Hardly anyone died.”

Now, I realize that there were slaughters in both episodes.  We saw the Govna (as I like to call him) gun down his own people for running away from a fight.  And we saw the aftermath of Rob Stark’s bannermen slaughtered at Harrenhal.  But who really cares about these nameless people?  Not me.  In the case of WD, I’m not saying they deserved to be gunned down, but its not like anyone did anything to stop it.  I shall NOT waste my tears on fools.  All they did was stand around and die in order to prove the Govna’ was crazy.  But I think we pretty much grasped the severity of that situation a long time ago.  You had me at “Heads in fishtanks.”  

Remember the season two finale of Walking Dead?  Remember how many people died?  EVERYONE.  It was awesome.  The body count of characters with names between the recent finale of Walking Dead and the premiere of Game of Thrones was roughly 0 (Plus or minus 5).  This is severely disappointing.

What is wrong with me?

I don’t think I’m a sadist.  I realize those of you who know me probably had to consider that for a moment.  Why do I have such a bloodlust in my fiction?  I like plenty of shows that have no death in them.  But at the same time, this season of Sons of Anarchy was one of the best seasons of television I’ve seen.  People were set on fire in pits, people were stabbing people all over the place and a dude bit his own tongue off and threw it at a window.  It was batshit insane and I enjoyed every minute of it.  So again, what is wrong with me?

Why you should all just go die

A lot of people died in those previously mentioned slaughters.  But I found none of that nearly as satisfying as Daryl killing zombie Merle or Osha killing Maester Luwin.  Ok, ‘satisfying’ might be the wrong word.  It could be argued that killing characters off is a cheap ploy for that “OMG” moment. But I would 1000 times prefer a character to die than to participate in a love triangle in the middle of a war and/or zombie apocalypse.  I’m looking at you, Lori.  This is the apocalypse.  There are bigger things to worry about than whose tent the annoying lady is sleeping in.

And I didn’t know those that were slaughtered.  We hadn’t been through anything together.  Why should I care about their death (except for, uh..humanity)?  So its not that I am a bloodthirsty TV sadist- I just care so much about these characters, I want to see them dead.


  1. Drew

    Whoa…. what’s a dude gotta do to get a spoiler alert up in here?

    • Caitlin VanMol

      Totally my bad. I fixed it so everyone else is warned. Sorry about that.

      • Drew

        Haha it’s okay. I’m all caught up on Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy, just behind on GOT.

        How were you okay with the brutality in that prison fight scene in Sons of Anarchy, though? So sad!!! I can’t even look at lead pipes the same way again.

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