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Roundtable Discussion: Locally-Made Gateway Craft Beers

Roundtable Discussion: Locally-Made Gateway Craft Beers
Philip Joyce

In this week’s roundtable discussion, the staff here at PorchDrinking discuss their favorite local gateway craft beers. Here are some local craft beer options for that friend who still drinks Milwaukee’s Best:

VIC: Anything from Goose Island, New Belgium 6pks, and Shiner. Great beers and very palate pleasing.

CORY: Lefthand Sawtooth, Ska Mexican Lager, New Belgium Shift, Upslope Brown

NATE: I’d take them on the New Belgium tour. This was the “gateway” to craft beer for so many of our friends. Then I’d take them to Great Divide or Avery and show them the heavy stuff.

ERIN P: DC Brau “The Public,” Flying Dog “Raging Bitch,” Star Hill “Psycho Kilter,” and Devil’s Backbone “Vienna Lager.” There’s something in this selection for everyone from hop heads to light beer drinkers.

JOSH B: Victory Baltic Thunder, Yards Brawler or Troegs Nugget Nectar

KATE: Triple Digit Chickow!

JASON: West Sixth Amber and Country Boy Shotgun Wedding for all craft newbies coming to Lexington.

GABRIEL: Mystic’s table beer and Mayflower’s Golden ale.

DREW: Golden Road Brewing – Point the Way IPA (Los Angeles) or Karl Strauss – Red Trolley Ale (San Diego).

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