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Roundtable Discussion: Alternative to Shark Week

Roundtable Discussion: Alternative to Shark Week

Now it it’s 25 years of terrorizing baby seals and wayward beach-goers, Shark Week has perhaps waded it’s way through one too many chum-filled murky waters.  So we asked our writers, if they were to choose another being or object to devote an entire week towards, what would be the best alternative to shark week? Share your suggestions below as well!


Laura M- Puppy week- like the Puppy Bowl, but for an entire week straight. No one would get anything accomplished- so much cuteness would be overwhelming.

Exhibit A:

Phil J: Sea otters! Because everyone has a secret desire to eat (or drink) while floating on their back on a sunny summer day in the water! And because I’ve always wanted to slam dunk, and Eddie can!

 Kate S: Lemurs! Madagascar has more than 60 species of lemur, thanks partially to there being no natural predators of lemurs when the portion of Africa that is now Madagascar broke away from the continent. They speciated to fill all sorts of different niches, and are a great example of adaptive radiation. (I know, I’m an evolution nerd.)

If you don’t care about what an evolutionary gem lemurs are, here’s another example of how they’re awesome: Verreaux’s Sifaka frolics anytime it has to be on the ground, and when it is in the trees uses its tail to turn itself in mid-air, just in time to land on another spiky tree, with its toes between the spikes. It’s the perfect combination of cute, amazing, and a little badass.

Plus, I can not help but giggle whenever I see them skipping around.

Vic: I feel that bears need a week of TV Shows both good & mythical. Nature’s land sharks need a voice.















Cory: I am with Justin on this one . . .













Marie D: I’m on board with the sea otters. Because they are adorable and surprisingly fierce.

What would YOU devote a week towards? Share in the comments section below


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